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Abortion proponents know little about the values of the Right to Life movement

by | Feb 3, 2021

By Schu Montgomery 

The sheer audacity of abortion proponents underscores just how little they truly know about the average pro-lifer and the unwavering principles of the Right to Life movement.

When your longstanding position lacks any real substance, it’s easy to just default to the ad hominem attack when pontificating against reasoned opposition to the killing of preborn children.

In a Jan. 23 opinion piece in Community Forum, Roger Guffey claims he doesn’t take “sides on this incendiary subject,” yet repeats nearly two dozen times the irrelevant refrain, “But we must ban all abortions,” when belittling the tenacity of pro-life activists. 

Guffey falsely juxtaposes a modern-day laundry list of human tragedies and social ills like child abuse, gun violence, even homelessness, against the noble struggle to restore the civil right to life to unborn children. His tawdry, inane inferencing does a disservice to all those who have ever volunteered to right the wrongs inflicted upon society’s poorest, weakest and most vulnerable.

Who could be more helpless than a tiny person in the womb? There is no ambiguity in the scientific fact that a baby’s heart beats in utero 21 days after conception, that his arm and leg buds are visible at four to five weeks gestation, that at six weeks, a baby will move away if her mouth is touched, and her brainwaves are clearly measurable 42 days after conception. Yet the Supreme Court in a 7 -2 decision in 1973, before the advancements of real-time 3-D and now 4-D ultrasound, deemed it OK to end the life of a preborn child.

Guffey concludes, “How can you claim to love fetuses (a Latin term for “little one”) whom you cannot see but refuse to love the children you can see?” 

Such a crass non sequitur indeed! Sounds more like an insipid twist of the savior’s stern warning against hypocrisy, “How can you say to your brother, ’Let me take the speck out of your eye,’ when there is the log in your own eye?”

Guffey’s insinuation that pro-lifers have no concern for the born is spurious to the movement’s vanguard and dehumanizing to those we defend. 

Pro-lifers have always played leading roles in helping those in need. Their volunteering has been endless from crisis pregnancy centers, soup kitchens, shelters for abused women, adoption and foster care to programs countering drug addiction, furthering prison reform, and caring for the elderly, to name just a few.

As one pro-lifer aptly put it,  “We speak more often of the preborn precisely because we are trying to undo the unfair distinction made between them and the born. The preborn have equal rights with the born, and we demand that those rights be respected in the same way. … Having a universal concern for human rights never excludes a person from having a specific focus on one group of people in need.”

Fetuses are children! A virtual window to the womb has revealed to millions of men and women, fathers and mothers, brothers and sisters, aunts, uncles and cousins for well over a quarter century now the beautifully choreographed movements of a baby’s first few weeks of life.

Yet, each day almost 2,400 preborn infants die by abortion. Is any other group of people killed at such an alarming rate? The unborn’s personhood is clear. It is unequivocal. Science has made that possible. 

It’s long overdue the body politic witness the revival of the right to life in our laws and institutions.

Editor’s note. Schu Montgomery is a member of the board of directors for Right to Life of Louisville. This opinion piece first appeared in the Louisville Journal-Courier.

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