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Disabled babies should not be aborted – Just ask this man

by | Feb 10, 2021

By Chris Alexis

Roy Jones
Roy Jones on Wheels YouTube channel

Would anyone approach a disabled person and tell them they’re better off dead? Would you? The idea sounds ludicrous. Even sociopathic.

But a common argument from abortion advocates says essentially that: A mother who learns her baby will have a disability shouldn’t be judged for snuffing out that life — it may even be the “kinder” thing to do to prevent suffering. 

But are disabled people in agreement with this premise? Do they find themselves unworthy of life?  

Roy Jones is an entrepreneur and customer service professional. He also has spastic diplegia cerebral palsy, a condition he was born with.

“My legs are affected more than my arms,” he explained. “However, my left side of my body is most affected.” 

“From a spasticity standpoint,” Jones said, “imagine having a charley horse 24/7, but the intensity just depends on the time of day and weather. I also lack some coordination in my left hand.”

And he is horrified at the prospect that some women, if they had been his pregnant mother, would have chosen to kill him had they known of his condition.

He described the notion as “absolutely insane.” 

“There are so many individuals with disabilities who overcome so much and turn out to do great things!” Jones said. 

 “I have had the opportunity to own a business, live on my own, and help advocate for others who need a voice,” he said. “And I love helping and teaching people!” 

Jones also has a strong devotion to Christ. 

In fact, he is extraordinarily grateful for his God-given opportunity to live on this Earth – despite his challenges. 

Not only has Jones faced hardships related to his physical condition, but he was also born into a family that did not treat him with gentle hands. He has endured both physical and mental abuse.  

And yet, through it all, he’s glad to be alive. 

Jones understands that having a child with a disability is not an easy life, but he implores anyone considering ending the life of a potentially disabled unborn baby to reconsider.

“There are many other options put there if you have a child born with a disability and need help,” he said.  

And he’s right. Option is a solid first step, or simply text “HELPLINE” to 313131. 

Option Line’s Life Affirming Specialists are ready 24/7 to provide consultation on abortion, adoption and parenting to women and men around the world, as well as connect them with resources and support.

Jones also advocates for hiring managers to consider taking on people with disabilities.

“You’ll find that we’ll work harder than most non-disabled people!” he said, adding that he is happy to be a resource for the disabled and their families through his YouTube channel, Roy Jones On Wheels.

And Roy Jones is far from alone. 

Research shows that 96-98% of all amniocentesis results are negative for fetal problems, according to the Guttmacher Institute. However, 2-4% of all pregnancies bringing medical challenges is still many, many children. 

These many unborn children are precious human beings who don’t deserve to die, rather, like all of us, they deserve a chance at living life. 

Log on to Option Line, make that quick text, or call 1-800-712-4357 today if you or someone you know is pregnant with a potentially disabled child. The consultants there will listen to your concerns and offer information about options and support.

The compassion and support available within the pregnancy help community is a life-affirming witness – and a direct contrast that certainly beats the stance that disabled human beings are better off dead.

Heartbeat has information on individual birth defects HERE.

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Editor’s note: Heartbeat International manages Option Line and Pregnancy Help News where this appeared. Reposted with permission.