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Film Review: “Incompatible With Life”

by | Feb 15, 2021

Editor’s note. This appeared at Secular Pro-Life and is reposted with permission.

The short documentary film “Incompatible With Life” shares the personal stories of parents whose children were diagnosed with disabilities in the womb.   

Too often, doctors recommend abortion at the first sign of a physical or developmental abnormality. That recommendation comes from a skewed perspective. Doctors may read dire textbook depictions and interact with disabled children at their worst moments of sickness and suffering, but they do not typically witness those children’s positive day-to-day moments. The families featured in the film strongly encourage people facing prenatal diagnoses to connect with fellow parents for the full picture, which is full of joy and love.

Despite being only 28 minutes long, the film manages to depict a wide range of disabilities—from a baby with anencephaly who died shortly after birth, to a 10-year-old with Trisomy 18, to a young adult with Down syndrome who speaks for herself and works at a movie theater. The uniqueness and value of every life is honored.  

“Incompatible With Life” contains fleeting religious references, such as one mother calling her child a gift from God and another describing her child’s baptism, but is essentially secular. Its anti-ableist, pro-life, and pro-love themes will resonate with people from any faith background or none.

“Incompatible With Life” is available for free on Vimeo, or watch it here.

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