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How soon will voters experience buyer’s remorse?

by | Feb 12, 2021

By Dave Andrusko

Time will tell, but I’m suggesting it won’t be a lot of time. A lot of time to tell us what? Two things.

#1 Buyer’s remorse. The policy positions already taken (with more surely to come) by the pro-abortion team of President Biden and Vice President Harris are far away from where the American public is, and not just on abortion. Watching White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki’s painful attempts to explain how a given proposal jives with what candidate Biden says is a classic canary in the coal mine moment. 

When in response to queries, Psaki repeatedly takes refuge in “I’ll circle back, ” it tells us this administration is not only clueless but tone deaf. This unpreparedness—or unwillingness to be even mildly transparent—is  an early warning signal of trouble ahead, no matter how sympathetic and uncritical the major media are right now.

#2. But if Biden-Harris can rightly be accused of going back on assurances given on other issues, that cannot be said abortion. During the campaign, Biden telegraphed that he and the Abortion Industry were already locked in a warm embrace and an ongoing relationship was flourishing. 

The early Valentine’s Day presents included eliminating the Mexico City policy and beginning the process of inviting Planned Parenthood back into the Title X family planning program by axing the requirement that recipients  not co-locate with abortion clinics or refer clients for abortion as a method of family planning. 

One international, one domestic, both policy pivots line the pockets of the Abortion Industry and inevitably multiple the number of dead babies. All in the name of increasing “access.”

But the courtship does not end there. Biden/Harris have pledged their undying affection for eliminating the Hyde Amendment, the “greatest domestic abortion-reduction measure ever enacted by Congress,” to quote NRL President Carol Tobias. 

What about multiplying the death-dealing impact of Roe by “codifying Roe v. Wade”? Of course, a mere bouquet tossed to Planned Parenthood.

Will Biden-Harris make good on one of the Abortion Lobby’s bigger priorities by threatening pro-life states with the heavy hand of the Department of Justice if they dare to continue passing laws to protect unborn children and their mothers? Of course. It’s who they are, it’s what they do.

And anyone over the age of six who thought the  “devout Catholic” Biden might appreciate freedom of religion and freedom of conscience should be ashamed of themselves. “Freedom of speech for me but not for thee” will be the watchword of this administration.

You’ve heard of the idiom “in over his skis”? Ironically, the phrase took off in 2012 when then President Obama gently chastised then Vice President Biden for spilling the beans about a pivot on a different controversial issue Obama wasn’t quite ready to publicly announce.

You can count on the Abortion Industry and its legion of media supporters to signal loud and clear what anti-life initiative it demands the Biden-Harris administration take next. To be clear, if they hesitate for a moment, it won’t be because President Biden and Vice President Harris disagree. They might well want to rollout the onslaught out, piece by piece, rather than demonstrate rapid-fire how out of step they are with the American people.

In either case, pro-life Republicans in Congress, assisted by grassroots pro-lifers, will labor to thwart every pro-abortion legislative initiative dreamed up by the nightmarish team of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris.

As we pointed out earlier this week (borrowing the analysis of Aaron Blake), Republicans were just 90,000 votes away from controlling both Houses of Congress and President Trump winning a second term.

The more extreme the Biden-Harris  team is on abortion, the more likely it is sanity will be restored in 2022.

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