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Last week of the Official Virginia 2021 General Assembly session begins, governor already calling for new special session

by | Feb 8, 2021

By Olivia Gans Turner, President, Virginia Society for Human Life (VSHL)

The formal thirty days of the 2021 General Assembly are fast drawing to a close.  In this peculiar year we won’t really be done on Thursday this week. Governor Northam has called for a new special session to start immediately at the end of this week.

As of now we are aware of at least one bill that will be carried over to be dealt with in the special session. That bill, HB 1896, pro-abortion Democrat Delegate Sally Hudson’s bill, removes the protective prohibition regarding abortion under Virginia health care exchanges.

The Senate version of the bill, patroned by pro-abortion Democrat Senator Jennifer McClellan, will be voted on in the House Labor and Commerce Committee today, Monday Feb 8th.  It is possible that the House may vote to move SB 1276 to the special session. too.

Please send a message to your Delegate asking him or her to oppose SB1276. You can use the VSHL Legislative Action Center.


Don’t Give up! There is good news!

Senator Mark Peake’s  good bill, SB 1235, supports the Rights of Parents to protect their children from inappropriate communications on sexual matters, including pregnancy, with unknown staff from the Virginia Department of Health. It will be voted on in a House Health, Welfare, and Institutions committee on Tuesday. 

Please contact your Delegate right away and ask him or her to support this rational bill.  Let’s keep this bill moving in the right direction!


What happened to the Right to Abortion Amendment?

For several months you heard from VSHL about the very real possibility that the pro-abortion majority in the General Assembly might pursue that a “Right to Abortion” Amendment to the Constitution of Virginia.

As we come closer to the end of the primary 2021 General Assembly Session, VSHL is relieved to report that no such amendment was offered during the session. While we do not know all the reasons behind that decision, we can hope it had to do with the education campaign VSHL started last winter to alert the public about the plans the pro-abortion advocates in Richmond had in mind. 

We know many of you contacted your legislators and expressed your opposition to, and concerns about. the proposed amendment, and we are so grateful.

As noted above, there will be a special session starting as soon as the main session ends. We do not believe there is any way that a Right to Abortion Amendment can be introduced at this point but we will watch carefully.  

In January rules that would apply to the next special session were voted on and agreed to. Those rules appear to strictly limit what may be brought up during the extended session. We do understand that the current pro-abortion General Assembly leadership has the votes to change the rules if they wish, but it seems unlikely at this point.

Your support helps us stay prepared for whatever comes next. Please share this message with your friends and consider a donation to help VSHL continue to expand our reach!

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