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Outgoing NARAL President paints gullible New York Times columnist a rosy picture

by | Feb 8, 2021

By Dave Andrusko

Ilyse Hogue
Photo: Lorie Shaull

The New York Times this morning produced a fawning interview with Ilyse Hogue, President of NARAL Pro-Choice America, who announced that she is stepping down after eight years. We have no inside information why Hogue is leaving, but the assertions she makes to an oh-so-sympathetic Lisa Lerer are both revealing and, in some cases, utterly preposterous.

There is a lot of brave talk (the Abortion Movement “expanded its level of popular support ”) and wish-fulfillment (passage of the so-called “codification of Roe,” in truth a radical expansion far beyond what the Supreme Court handed down in 1973).

Let’s go through parts of the interview which, because the Times is such a supportive ally of the Abortion Industry, Hogue feels free to unburden herself  to.

*“Everybody understands that the majority of Americans support legal access to abortion” but Roe v. Wade is not safe. What explains that? It’s the nefarious “anti-choice movement and the G.O.P.” that are to blame, but don’t worry, Hogue assures Lerer, their [our] time is coming.

*Read between the lines and you sense undeniable pride on Hogue’s part that Senate Democrats and the Abortion Establishment have dented the legitimacy of “the courts.” As Hogue says, they’ve been good at “making people aware that the courts have been used for a political tool, and that they have to be held to account.” Obviously, this is the kind of argument Democrats will make if they try to pack the Supreme Court with additional pro-abortion Democrats. We’re supposed to miss that they are “depoliticizing” the courts by thoroughly politicizing the courts.

*As we’ve talked about in NRL News Today, pro-abortion Democrats have zero respect for free speech and are the beneficiary of Big Tech which routinely silences views they don’t approve of. That’s why it’s so important for them to smear pro-lifers, tar us with the “extremist” brush so as to justify whatever anti-democratic (small “d”) measures they come up with. 

So when Lerer asks, “Do you see connections between the siege on the Capitol and the anti-abortion movement?,” Hogue answer is roundabout but eventually lands on yes (“there is an immense symmetry”).

There is no direct (or indirect) evidence , of course, of this “symmetry” but that never has stopped Hogue or her ilk before.

Last October we wrote about a New York Times podcast that featured Hogue in her best self-pitying mode. Why were they beaten so often in state legislatures?

You know, ultimately, if our biggest sin is a deep belief in the power of democracy to come up with good outcomes that benefit the majority of American people in all of our complications, in all of our beautiful diversity, I’ll take that sin. 

This “deep belief in the power of democracy” includes—indeed, is built on–demonizing pro-lifers and anyone else who stands in the way of the Abortion Agenda.

Lerer asks Hogue “is there a danger that Democratic voters and abortion rights advocates will slip into a sense of complacency around abortion,” now that they [narrowly] control both Houses of Congress and the White House? Her long answer, in a word, is NO! 

“We had every single Democratic presidential candidate release a plan on how they’re going to address the crisis in reproductive freedom. We had them outcompeting each other in debates.”

In that case, is there any room in the party “for Democrats who do not support abortion rights?” Sure, and then in the next breath (literally), Hogue adds, “What there is zero room in the party for is people who would oppose the seven in 10 Americans who don’t think politicians should be governing their decisions about pregnancy and family.” 

So, you can be “personally pro-life,” just so you never allow that to deter you from voting 100% pro-abortion.

There’s some interesting talk about pro-abortion President Biden—“We’ve seen Biden evolve tremendously as he’s listened and learned”—which is about as straightforward a pronouncement that his “evolution” to PPFA/NARAL accomplice is complete as you can.

“Codifying Roe v. Wade”? “I’m getting every indication that they’re going to move forward the legislation that puts us on the path to progress.” Besides, to hear Hogue tell it, all the “winds” are at their back.

Two quick thoughts. First, picking up on the winds metaphor, operatives like Hogue and Democrat leaders such as Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer liken even the most extremist pro-abortion proposals to a gentle breeze. It is our job to expose these proposals for the gale winds of 47 knots that they are.

Second, we say this all the time because it’s true. The public does not want to pay for domestic abortions (58% against, 38% in favor) and even less so for international abortions (77% opposed to 19% in favor).

*The public does not support aborting pain-capable unborn children. Democrats do.

*The public does not support late-term abortions. Democrats do.

*The public does not support shuffling off abortion survivors into a corner to die untreated. Democrats do.

*I would wager my house that overwhelmingly, Americans (if asked) would  insist—contra Kamala Harris—that no state legislature needs “preclearance” from the Department of Justice before enacting pro-life measures.

On her way out the door, Hogue can tell the credulous New York Times that “the pendulum is swinging the other way [in their favor].” But if ever there was an example of the wish being father to the thought, this is it.

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