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Planned Parenthood affiliate in Pennsylvania writes of “building volume” in abortion, suggests a quota

by | Feb 8, 2021

 By Maria V. Gallagher, Legislative Director, Pennsylvania Pro-Life Federation

A recent revelation from inside the walls of an abortion facility demonstrates that abortion is not “health care” (as the Abortion Industry likes to describe its actions) but big business.

In a newsletter released last week, a Planned Parenthood affiliate in Pennsylvania spoke of “building volume” in abortion. This raises a number of questions, beginning with this.

If, as abortion advocates claim, abortion is an answer to a health care crisis, how on earth could you work to build volume in abortion? Abortion is not a health care solution but the taking of an innocent human life. And each abortion boosts the revenue of Planned Parenthood facilities.

 The Planned Parenthood newsletter went on to enumerate a quota, saying “we need to get to…over 8,000 abortion visits.” But if Planned Parenthood is not interested in profit, why must it perform a certain number of abortions?

This revelation brings up additional questions: 

*Are women being pushed into abortion in order to fulfill quotas?

* Is the drive to increase abortion totals compromising the health and safety of women? 

*What efforts are being made to reach out to women after abortion, to address physical and psychological complications?

   The abortion industry giant goes on to talk about expanding access to abortion through “medicated abortion services,” otherwise known as chemical abortions. Chemical abortions are on the rise in Pennsylvania and nationwide, leaving women to suffer the aftermath of abortions alone, in their own homes. 

 So much for the old slogan, “safe, legal, and rare.” Planned Parenthood wants abortions to rise—its own statements say so. This philosophy is directly opposed to the viewpoint of most Americans, who oppose the majority of abortions.

When you think Planned Parenthood, think skyrocketing abortions. Why?

Because that’s the way Planned Parenthood thinks.  

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