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President Joe Biden: “a pro-abortion Trojan Horse”

by | Feb 9, 2021

 By Dave Andrusko

Dr. Richard Land

A major figure in the Southern Baptist community has joined his fellow pro-lifers in the Catholic community to condemn President Joe Biden who “has completely broken with his church’s bedrock beliefs in the sanctity of all human life from conception to natural death.”

Dr. Richard Land is president of the Southern Evangelical Seminary, Executive Editor of the Christian Post, and former president of the influential Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission, the public policy arm of the Southern Baptist Convention.

In an “Ask Dr. Land” column published last Friday, Dr. Land responded to the question, “What does President Biden’s pro-abortion blitz say about America?”.

Describing President Biden as “a pro-abortion Trojan horse,”  Dr. Land began his answer by pondering the “extraordinary fortnight the first two weeks of the Biden administration has been.” 

Packaged as a moderate, President Biden has 

morphed into “whirlwind Joe,” firing off Executive Orders at a record-breaking pace including greatly expanding the U.S. taxpayers funding of abortion both here and around the world. 

But having “turned his back on one of the bedrock beliefs of his Roman Catholic faith” has not cost him any friends in the Major Media. Indeed President Biden

continues to enjoy the accolades of a fawning press corps that speaks of his “devotion” and his “deep faith.” 

But of all the many important points Dr. Land makes in his critique, the most important perhaps is his reminder that President Biden’s embrace of abortion on demand paid for by the public is not just a “scandal” to Roman Catholics:

[T]he American people far beyond the Catholic community are not in sync with President Biden’s radical pro-abortion positions. Recent polling shows that approximately 6 out of 10 Americans of all religious and political persuasions oppose using federal tax money to pay for abortions in the U.S. (including 31% of Americans who self-identify as “pro-choice.”)

When it comes to federal funding for abortions overseas, 77% of Americans oppose it.  For example, 64% of Americans who identify as “pro-choice” oppose federal funding for abortions overseas.  Even on some of the nettlesome issues, there is more consensus among the pubic than we had ever been led to believe had ever existed.  For example, even 64% of those opposing federal funding of abortion describe themselves as pro-choice.    Only 19% of those polled “strongly support” or “support” U.S. taxpayers paying for abortions outside the United States, a policy just implemented by Joe Biden on a massive, unprecedented scale

Dr. Land’s column is very much worth reading, and especially as a reminder to pro-lifers that the larger community of faith is totally at odds with the Biden-Harris embrace of the Planned Parenthood agenda.

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