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Pro-abortionists will say anything, knowing the major media will print it so long as it casts a negative light on pro-lifers

by | Feb 1, 2021

By Dave Andrusko

When any of the legion of pro-abortion columnists set out to demonize pro-lifers, there is no need for evidence to “prove” that we are up to [fill in the blank). For example, just by supporting the life-affirming  Hyde Amendment  we are, as veteran pro-abortion columnist Robin Abcarian wrote in yesterday’s Los Angeles Times, “celebrating forced childbearing. Don’t they write dystopian novels about that?”

And, not to miss a tiresome trick, she quotes Marcela Howell of In Our Own Voice: National Black Women’s Reproductive Justice Agenda, who  pronounces that the Hyde Amendment is “one of the most  racist policies.” 

But those were just the usual slurs, verbal ticks. The headline was “Why we might soon see a surge in antiabortion violence.”

Evidence? Don’t be petty. With the kind of six degrees of separation logic Abcarian specializes in, we’re told it’s only a matter of time before some “anti-abortion activist” engages in violence. 

What source does she have? Nothing short of that objective scholar Katherine Ragsdale, an Episcopal priest, who is president and chief executive of the National Abortion Federation, a kind of Chamber of Commerce for abortionists.

“I don’t anticipate a reduction of violence,” she told Abcarian. “I have been in the movement for over 35 years, and I have watched this roller coaster, this increase in violence during Democratic administrations. It has to do with desperation and not feeling they can go through the regular channels — as you saw when they stormed the Capitol. It’s the same level of craziness.”


There is zero evidence that pro-lifers “stormed the Capitol” on January 6. But since the pro-abortionists control virtually all the major media, everyone they don’t like is lumped into the same “threatening” pot , the better to smear them all.

Abcarian  quotes “an evangelical Christian woman who attended Trump’s rally outside the White House” who  told the Christian Chronicle, “I wanted to be here because I feel like the Democrats are slapping our Creator in the face,” adding “Also, my Lord wants me here to fight for the unborn.”

Notice how anything—even to “fight for the unborn”– in the hands of the likes of Abcarian (and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Democrat Senate Leader Chuck Schumer), is freighted with ominous overtones. 

In case you haven’t got the message, they are desperate to silence us. When we don’t react with violence, the public will be told, “Just wait.” 

The irony is (where are the copy editors?) that Abcarian complains

The newly conservative Supreme Court majority, including Justice Amy Coney Barrett, showed its disregard for women almost immediately, ruling on Jan. 12 that women seeking medication abortions would have to pick up their pills in person, instead of receiving them through the mail, as you can with most drugs.

Given the two dozen or so abortion-related cases in the legal pipeline, it’s inevitable that the court will weigh in again, and probably soon.

Wouldn’t that make  pro-lifers less, not more, “desperate”? Of course, but that is at odds with the narrative.

She manages to miss all the state action, which is where pro-lifers will continue to pass legislation to protect women and their unborn babies.

Abcarian’s hysterical babble notwithstanding, pro-lifers are peaceful women and men and children who seek win-win solutions. 

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