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Pro-life bills banning abortions for genetic reasons move forward in Arizona

by | Feb 19, 2021

By Dave Andrusko

Two pro-life bills took important steps forward in the Arizona legislature Thursday.

The Associated Press’s Bob Christie wrote that the Senate Appropriations Committee “spent less than 30 minutes hearing testimony” on  SB1381 that would “ban abortions because of a disability.”

Pro-life state Sen. Wendy Rogers said, “This gives voice to those who have no voice,” adding, “Who are we as a country if we cannot protect those who cannot protect themselves.”

Naturally, Senate Democrats opposed.

As NRL News Today reported, two weeks ago, this same committee approved Senate Bill 1457 which would make it a felony for abortionists to knowingly perform an abortion because the child has been prenatally diagnosed with a genetic anomaly, most often Down syndrome. 

Bills banning abortion because of genetic anomaly, race, and/or gender have passed in ten states.

One Circuit Court—the 6th— gave the state of Tennessee a big victory when it ruled the state could begin enforcing a ban on abortion when the abortionist knows that the woman is seeking the abortion because of the child’s sex or race or if he knows the woman is seeking an abortion because of a diagnosis of Down syndrome.

Another—the 8th—upheld  a decision overturning an Arkansas law banning abortions  when the unborn child is diagnosed with Down syndrome, but the concurring opinions pointed a way forward .

SB1457 also prohibits sending the ”abortion pill” through the mail.

In addition, according to Christie, the House yesterday gave preliminary approval to HB2404, which

would provide $3 million over two years for programs seeking to identify women considering abortion and help change their minds by providing support and other services.

It sets up a “family health pilot program” to support childbirth as an alternative to abortion and helps mothers get needed support. A similar program is run in Texas by a group called Human Coalition and is thought to be the model for the Arizona proposal.

HB2404awaits a final vote in the House.

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