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Pro-Life Claudia Tenney wins by 109 votes in last 2020 congressional race to be decided

by | Feb 9, 2021

By Karen Cross, NRL Political Director

On Monday, the New York State Board of Elections officially certified pro-life Republican Claudia Tenney as the winner in New York’s 22nd Congressional District. Tenney defeated pro-abortion Democrat Rep. Anthony Brindisi by 109 votes: 156,099 votes to Brindisi’s 155,989.

“The election board’s four commissioners unanimously certified the results Monday in a voice vote after a state judge overseeing disputed ballots in the recount issued a ruling Friday in Tenney’s favor,” The New York Post reported.

In a ruling released Friday, state Supreme Court Justice Scott Del Conte, who oversaw the recount, wrote, “Every single valid vote that was cast in New York’s 22nd Congressional District has been accounted for, and counted.”

The next time that you are tempted to think your vote does not matter, remember this race! Every vote truly does matter.

During his two years in Congress, Rep. Brindisi had a 100% pro-abortion voting record. He had been endorsed by Planned Parenthood, the nation’s largest abortion provider.

Claudia Tenney’s first run for Congress was in 2014 when she challenged a pro-abortion Republican incumbent in the primary. Although that effort was unsuccessful, it laid the groundwork for her victory two years later when the seat was open.

During her term, she championed numerous pro-life bills and maintained a 100% scorecard from National Right to Life. She was defeated by Brindisi in 2018 during an election cycle many likened to a “blue wave.”

Tenney joins a group of over a dozen pro-life candidates who flipped pro- abortion seats in 2020. She also increases the roster of pro-life women in Congress, a number which more than doubled after the 2020 elections.

While Democrats currently hold the majority in the House, they currently have the slimmest majority in modern history.

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