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Seeing in a snowfall a reminder of the fragility of life

by | Feb 15, 2021

By Maria V. Gallagher, Legislative Director, Pennsylvania Pro-Life Federation

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Sometimes a crisp winter snowfall is a reminder of the fragility of life.

During a recent snowstorm which shut down much of the commerce in my community, I was reminded of what my parents had told me of the day of my birth. They informed me my appearance in the world was in the wake of a snowfall. They saw in my birth a precursor of spring—a sign of new life.

This year, I saw on social media where the snow had halted business at a Northeastern abortion facility. Mother Nature had had her say, and there would be no cessation of life at the abortion center that day.

Rather than looking at the snowfall as a nuisance, I suddenly saw it as a supreme blessing—a gift from above.

Perhaps much of life is like that. We so often focus on the hardships and challenges that we forget to look for the multitude of gifts held within each life. Every human life is of powerful potential, worthy of protection. It is unrepeatable and non-transferable, and should never be abridged.

On a snowy day, it can be a good time to take stock of one’s life—and the life of our nation. Certainly we are at our best, in season and out, when we are willing to weather any storm to peacefully preserve the lives of the most vulnerable among us. 

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