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The battle over abortion funding is quickly being joined

by | Feb 15, 2021

By Dave Andrusko

Pro-lifers know that we are in for an unprecedented era of Newspeak straight out of George Orwell’s “1984.” By that I mean the Biden/Harris administration, working  hand in glove with most of the media and many international organizations, will tell us day in and day out that they are bringing the United States back to normalcy.

The “normalcy” (or “stability”) they have in mind is the good old days when money flowed like rivers into the coffers of Planned Parenthood, domestically. and International Planned Parenthood and Marie Stopes, Internationally. And they will hide behind woe-is-us stories of how valuable medical services were supposedly withheld because Planned Parenthood in particular refused to stop advocating for and promoting abortion.

For an example of this mindless gibberish, take this headline and subhead from The New York Times :

Biden Wants More Stable Diplomacy. An Abortion Fight Is a Test.

U.S. funding for overseas health providers that offer abortion services has vacillated with the changing of administrations for decades. Congress is debating whether to settle the policy by law.

There is not a syllable in Lara Jakes’ 1,205 word long story that tells the reader that funds were not cut: they were redirected to organizations that did not do or promote abortions.  A minor detail, right?

The  goal of Jakes’ advocacy piece is to tell us that something as important as funneling countless millions of dollars into the bank accounts of gigantic abortion providers should not stop—meaning specifically the Mexico City, expanded by President Trump into the Protecting Life in Global Health Assistance program– under pro-life Republican administrations.

Of course, pro-abortion President Biden quickly tossed the Mexico City Policy overboard but pro-abortionists want to pass legislation to permanently abolish the Mexico City Policy. 

Pro-abortionists in Congress are also eager to permanently fund the United Nations Population Fund.  Their money has been cut off under pro-life administration because of the UNFPA’s complicity with China’s coercive population policy.  

“Natalia Kanem, the U.N. agency’s executive director, described a mix of joy and relief among member nations upon hearing this month that the United States would restore funding to foreign providers,” Jakes wrote. 

Pro-lifers want just the opposite: to cement these prohibitions into law. Jakes writes

Last month, Senator Mike Lee, Republican of Utah, revived a plan he had introduced in previous congressional terms to make the [Mexico City] funding ban permanent. In a Feb. 3 speech on the Senate floor, he said it was necessary to prevent the policy from being “rescinded and reinstated again and again between changing administrations.”

“The lives of babies and the dignity of women are not political footballs,” Mr. Lee said. “Women and unborn children everywhere have immeasurable dignity and worth, regardless of where they are from. And they ought to be entitled to the right to life and protection from harm — regardless of who is in office.”

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