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The triumphant story of a micropreemie born the size of a water bottle

by | Feb 19, 2021

By Maria V. Gallagher, Legislative Director, Pennsylvania Pro-Life Federation

It was one of those days in the Northeast when the day’s fresh snowfall prevents  travel. I was at home, wrapping up my telecommuting for the day, when I flipped on the television. There, I caught a talk show I would not ordinarily have time to watch.

The segment immediately piqued my interest—the host was interviewing a young boy who had been born at 25 weeks gestation. A mere one pound, nine ounces at birth, he began life the size of a water bottle.

Doctors had predicted the boy would never be able to walk or talk. Yet, here he was, being interviewed on a nationally syndicated talk show. A video even showed him dancing!

No doubt, the boy’s start in life had been harrowing. But he had not only survived, he had thrived. And now he was entertaining countless viewers on national television.

This is just one story of survival in a 21st century world where micro-preemies are being saved at ever earlier stages of development. After all, doctors’ predictions sometimes miss the mark and babies surpass expectations. The moral of the story is clear: human life is precious and needs to be protected, no matter what the odds of successful survival may be.

Aborting this child would have been the triumph of despair over hope. Abortion brings an unimaginably violent end to a little one’s story, leaving a mother and father to grieve a child who has been lost.

The boy being featured on television spent 121 days in the hospital, but he emerged victorious. So victorious, in fact, that he succeeded in raising money to build a playground that other children can enjoy.

None of us is born with a start date and expiration date stamped on our foreheads. The day of our birth is often a mystery—as is the date of our death. There is no predicting what one human being can accomplish—whether his life lasts five days or ninety-five years.

With each abortion, an irreplaceable human being dies, the dream for his or her life vanquished. 

How many playgrounds are empty today, because of the epic tragedy of over 62.5 million abortion? 

The more we spread the good news about micro-preemies, the greater the chance that a pregnant woman facing a dire prenatal diagnosis will choose life. 

When she makes that life-affirming choice, a child lives and a mother escapes the heartache of a life lost to abortion.

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