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Update: Week two of the 2021 General Assembly Special Session

by | Feb 16, 2021

Coming down to the wire, we hope!

By Olivia Gans Turner, President, Virginia Society for Human Life (VSHL)

The end of the 2021 Special Session is drawing near, and the bills VSHL has been tracking are still in process.  If you haven’t sent a message to your Delegate and Senator about these bills, please do it today!  Each of these bills will get a final vote one day this week!


Bills that pave the way for more taxpayer funding for abortions in Virginia, SB 1276 and HB 1896; a bill that removes conscience protections for genetic counselors, SB 1178; and action on the state budget, are all happening this week. These bills will be voted on in the full House or Senate chamber within the next 48/72 hours.

Good bills that help Virginians get more information regarding maternal health, HB 2111, and a bill to gather information on fetal and Infant mortality, HB 1950, are both moving quickly through the process.  VSHL is supporting these bills because we do need to get more information about both of these matters. The Virginia Department of Health does not ask the questions that will establish a better understanding of either problem.

Unfortunately, SB 1235, the Parents Rights bill regarding conversations between minors and Dept. of Health staff, was set aside for this year in a House of Delegates Committee last Friday.  It was a good idea, and we are grateful to Sen. Mark Peake for introducing it.

One year ago at this time pro-life Virginians gathered in the thousands at the Capital to be seen and to make ourselves heard to our elected officials in the General Assembly.  This year we can’t do that again, at least not yet, but we can still be heard.  

It takes a personal commitment to communicate with  representatives, by email and phone. It requires us to share this information with friends and family.  We need to swell our efforts and fill their inboxes with our comments and demands.   

Even if we don’t have the votes to stop the bad bills, we will make it clear that we are still mobilized and engaged in this election year. 

That makes all the difference sometimes!

Please use the VSHL Legislative Action Center and share this email with your friends.

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