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Woman has abortion because she had no money, but “pain of abortion still hurts”

by | Feb 24, 2021

By Sarah Terzo

A woman on a feminist blog wrote about having an abortion because she and her partner had no money. She claims that she went to a crisis pregnancy center and they did not offer her material or financial support, which seems unusual since most CPCs are stocked with baby items and supplies. She says:

“We wanted to have a baby. By the time I made my decision and accepted my mother’s money to terminate the pregnancy, I was very attached to the pregnancy. I dreamed every night about nursing and rocking my baby in a warm living-room, moonlight streaming through the curtains. I dreamed about a beautiful natural birth attended by a midwife. I dreamed about falling in love with my baby and being a wonderful mother. My partner fell asleep every night with his hand over my womb, and I knew it was what he wanted, too. But that wasn’t the course that was set out
for us.

At nine weeks, I had my abortion. Because everyone knows I’m pro-choice, none of my friends or family members– besides my partner– seemed to understand my agony. I was horribly depressed for several months. I bled a lot. I couldn’t have sex for months because I was so traumatized by all of it….

I know that a lot of my fellow feminists would react rationally– it wasn’t the right time, we couldn’t afford a baby, we can always adopt, maybe we should look into IVF. But it’s not the same. I wanted the first embryo I conceived. We wanted to have a baby together…

Maybe regretting my abortion isn’t the feminist thing to do. Maybe it’s not okay that I was attached to a clump of cells in the vague shape of an embryo. Maybe it’s not okay that the pain of abortion still hurts, four years later. But it still hurts– feminist or not.”

The story’s writer claims, “I am pro-choice. I will always be pro-choice. “

From “My Abortion and Why I Regret It” Feministing 4/17/2010

Editor’s note. This appeared at Clinic Quotes and is reposted with permission.

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