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696 Babies Saved!

by | Mar 31, 2021

Abortion Drops 9% in 2020!

Teens, Attend PULSE in Covington!

When we are faced day in and day out with legal abortion, it’s often tough to find good news. But today we have some!

Louisiana just released abortion stats for 2020, and 696 fewer babies were aborted in 2020 than in 2019! That’s a 9% decrease! On top of that, abortion has decreased by 27% since 2014!

Don’t get me wrong. The 7,448 abortions in 2020 were 7,448 too many. We grieve for these little lives that will never get to have their own birthdays. We must bring an end to the unjust destruction of these babies.

But every life saved is a reason to celebrate. Every life is a blessing. As we celebrate Easter, let us give thanks for the lives saved and pray that our nation turns toward life once and for all.

Have a blessed Easter!

For a Pro-Life Louisiana,
Benjamin Clapper