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A phenomenal alternatives-to-abortion success story

by | Mar 12, 2021

By Maria V. Gallagher, Legislative Director, Pennsylvania Pro-Life Federation

Editor’s note. Today’s post from what appeared a year ago in NRL News Today is an ongoing story of enormous importance to a Movement that believes in win-win solutions to problem pregnancies,

Imagine three college football stadiums, filled with capacity crowds. That has been the amazing reach of Pennsylvania’s Pregnancy & Parenting Support Services Program, which is administered by Real Alternatives, Inc. 

More than 318,000 clients have been served by the program, which has become a model for the rest of the nation. 

Those hundreds of thousands of women have made more than 1.6 million visits to the program’s service providers throughout the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. There, they receive comprehensive counseling and support during challenging pregnancies. 

As the program’s literature states, “An alternative to abortion is not a pamphlet—it is another person.” Counselors, who number 340 statewide, offer that one-on-one relationship that can provide immense assistance to a woman who is in difficult circumstances.

Following interaction with a counselor, an astounding 99% of clients feel confident and capable of self-sufficiency. Of those who are pressured by others to abort their children, a full 86% are no longer considering abortion after receiving the program’s support. 

The program reaches out to women in a number of ways: through the toll-free hotline 1-888-Life-Aid, website, Google ads, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Outreach also includes television and radio commercials, community awareness booths, ads on buses, and mailings to schools, hospitals, nurses, and clergy who interact with pregnant women in need. 

As the late Governor Robert Casey, Sr., said during the early days of the program, “Our business is to fight the poison of hopelessness with love.”

Back in 2018, Vice-President Mike Pence stated, “I am grateful to all the men and women who have dedicated their time and talent through the Real Alternatives network, and I send my special congratulations to everyone with the Pennsylvania Pregnancy and Parenting Support Program as you celebrate serving 300,000 women and families over the past 22 years.”

It’s a phenomenal success story—made all the sweeter by the number of babies’ lives that have been saved as a result of this groundbreaking program.