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How an poll can be accurate but totally misleading

by | Mar 15, 2021

By Dave Andrusko

Editor’s note. This story from a year ago in NRL News Today is symptomatic of what happens when rabidly pro-abortion newspapers forgo even a pretense of objectivity when discussing pro-life officeholders.

I’ll do my best not to show even a tenth of how annoyed I am by two findings in particular from the latest Des Moines Register/ Mediacom Iowa Poll. The newspaper is relentlessly pro-abortion and that hostility to us permeates everything they write. I won’t belabor that because what would be the point?

So this story is originally dated March 7 and the headline reads “Iowa Poll: Gov. Kim Reynolds’ approval rating drops, but remains above 50%.” 

To the unwary reader, what does that suggest? There are barely more people who approved of Iowa’s very pro-life governor than disapproved.

In fact, 54% approve of the governor while just one-third (33%) disapprove. (The reminder was not sure.)

In other words Gov. Reynolds enjoys a whopping 21 point margin, or, put another way, more than 3-2 advantage (54% to 33%).

What about pro-life Sen. Chuck Grassley? From the headline on the March 7 story, you’d think he was in serious political trouble: “Grassley’s job approval and favorability ratings drop in new Iowa Poll.” 

In truth, Grassley’s job approval number is 55% compared to only 34% disapproval—also a 21 point net difference. (The remainder was not sure.)

What about how Iowans feel about their senior Senator? 54% said they felt “very favorable” or “mostly favorable.” 

What about unfavorable? Just 33%–again a 21 point advantage.

It is true the numbers for both Gov. Reynolds and Sen. Grassley were slightly down. That could be explained by a host of reasons, but this misses the point which is obscured by the Register’s reporting. Both continue to enjoy broad support from the Iowa citizenry that you would never know reading the Register’s interpretation of its own polling data.

How do these people sleep at night?

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