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“I Can Hear Music” is a delightful book to teach children the unfolding beauty of unborn life

by | Mar 10, 2021

By Maria V. Gallagher, Legislative Director, Pennsylvania Pro-Life Federation

It is so encouraging when people use their artistic talents to promote the sanctity of human life. They lift us up with their artistry, enabling us to view the life issues in a new and exciting way.

Therefore, I was thrilled when an electronic version of a new children’s book celebrating life arrived in my email inbox. The book is entitled, “I Can Hear Music” and features a cover with a preborn baby listening to an entertaining melody as the little one rests comfortably in the mother’s womb.

Gifted author Brendan Lyons and enterprising illustrator Missy Johnson have come up with a winning strategy for teaching children the basics of development of an unborn baby.

            The rhyming text is catchy and clever and makes the creators’ points well:

“Music is everywhere.
It helps us to thrive.
It’s one of the best parts of being alive. 
“Safe in your womb, I can hear music, too.
And the very first songs I hear come from you.” 

The book showcases the preborn child’s humanity and shows how the baby can interact with the environment that surrounds him or her. The message is clear: If a preborn baby can hear music, the child must be very much alive and worthy of protection.

Preschoolers will be a captive audience for this book, which treats the preborn child with an abundance of dignity and respect. 

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