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Mum will take fight for her daughter’s life to the Supreme Court of the United Kingdom

by | Mar 24, 2021

By SPUC—the Society for the Protection of Unborn Children

Paula Parfitt and daughter Pippa Knight outside Evelina London Children’s Hospital in London (Society for the Protection of Unborn Children/PA)

The case of Pippa Knight, a young girl deemed to be in PVS, will proceed to the Supreme Court following a decision at the Court of Appeal in which the three judges rejected the call for Pippa to be allowed to go home on a long term basis with her mum if she is able to be transferred to portable ventilation successfully after a two week trial.  

Instead of allowing the two-week trial of portable ventilation, the Court of Appeal has upheld the lower Court’s decision that the young girl will have life sustaining treatment removed and be allowed home only to pass away.

The case is being supported by The Society for the Protection of Unborn Children, SPUC who funded the appeal and will continue their support for a last ditch attempt to save the girl’s life at the Supreme Court.

“Young Pippa’s life hangs in the balance and those of us who have seen the videos of her spending time with her mum can see how valuable that time is for her,” John Deighan Deputy CEO of SPUC commented. “We are willing to fight for the value of Pippa’s life no matter how ill she is. She is a valuable human person who deserves the love and attention that her family is desperate to give her. Every human life is intrinsically valuable.”

Fighting for her daughter

In December 2020, medics went to court seeking permission to cease treating Pippa Knight, 5, who has been in hospital for two years. Justice Poole ruled that ruled specialists could lawfully stop treatment. 

With the backing of SPUC, Pippa’s brave mum, Paula Parfitt, launched a court appeal intended to save her daughter’s life. However three appeal judges have now ruled against her. Brave Paula is now preparing to take her daughter’s case to the Supreme Court.

Paula, who only last week enjoyed a walk in the “spring sunshine” with Pippa on Mother’s day on the portable ventilation the Trust refuses to trial [test], has shared a heart-rending video of her with her daughter with the public. She argues that her daughter, despite her condition, will benefit from being allowed home with her family to continue life-sustaining treatment.

Paula said: “A few weeks ago I didn’t think these walks would be taking place at all. We have been out three times in the last week with a portable ventilator.

“This shows people what is possible, can be achieved and gives hope for the future and for other people too.

“A more modern ventilator which I would have at home would be even better and offer Pippa even more movement and help her even more.”

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