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National Right to Life Pro-Life Essay Contest 2021: “Life is the greatest gift of all”

by | Mar 9, 2021

By Joseph P., Middlefield, Ohio

Editor’s note. As Scott Fischbach wrote, beginning last week, we are posting all four winners of the Senior Division of the 2021 NRLC Essay contest and all three winners of Junior Division. Each contestant was asked to write an essay of 500 or fewer words on the simple but fundamental question of “Why are you pro-life?”

Life is the greatest gift of all. On this, there is no debate. Given that it is the greatest gift, all people—poor or rich, sick or healthy, strong or weak, born or unborn, black or white—deserve it. I believe that the fact that some people have taken it upon themselves to decide if someone is allowed to live is horribly wrong and an insult to our Creator. As human beings, it was never our responsibility or duty to decide whether someone lives or dies which holds true even today.

I am pro-life because I believe that all life is sacred, deserving of our protection and support. I believe that it is my duty as a human being and as a Catholic to protect life at all stages, whether in a mother’s womb or lying in bed at a nursing home. Every human life is worth fighting for, specially today when life is taken for granted and not seen as the gift it is. In our culture, comfort is put before duty, personal interest before the interests of others. We live in a world where life is beginning to be seen less as a gift to be treasured but more as a burden to be relived of. This is a dangerous mentality.

I believe that is our moral duty as a country to turn away from this destructive path that we are currently on. I believe that it is my duty as a pro-life Catholic to be a voice of clarity in a world of chaos. I am pro-life because I believe all life should be respected and protected.

I am pro-life because I cannot sit by while millions of unborn children are robbed of the opportunity to live and love. I cannot stand aside while our elderly citizens are denied the care they deserve because of ignorance by doctors and health officials. I cannot turn a blind eye to the injustice of health care rationing. I have been taught to be selfless, a trait that is greatly lacking in our world today. I believe that the key is universal acceptance of life and its worth is selflessness: a sense that you are not the only important person in the world, that others deserve to be treated and respected as you wish to be.

I am pro-life because I believe that every life is sacred and has purpose and meaning. I believe that every life should be protected and accepted with joy and love, not rejected with pride and selfishness. I am pro-life because I believe that a bit of selflessness and an open heart can be the very things that give expectant mothers the strength to continue and elderly individuals the compassion to hold on to the blessings of life a little longer. I am pro-life because it is my duty to ensure that all life is treated with the respect and value it deserves.

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