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New “Roe v. Wade” movie reminds us of the power of art to elevate the dignity and value of human life

by | Mar 15, 2021

By Maria Gallagher, Legislative Director, Pennsylvania Pro-Life Federation

With the anticipation surrounding the new film Roe v. Wade, we are reminded once again of the ability of the arts to elevate the dignity and value of human life. 

Movies can touch audiences that might otherwise never be reached. A stirring plotline, intriguing characters, and effective cinematography can engage and excite viewers, stirring them to action.

I recall in particular the power of the movie Gosnell. A true-crime drama, it chronicles the egregious acts of abortionist Kermit Gosnell, who is now serving three consecutive life sentences for the murders of full-term babies in his House of Horrors abortion facility in West Philadelphia. Gosnell was also charged and convicted of involuntary manslaughter for the death of female immigrant patient Karnamaya Mongar.

Sadly, the major media largely ignored Gosnell’s criminal trial, so many individuals outside of Pennsylvania—and even inside PA—did not know about his crimes. But, through the film “Gosnell,”  who knows how many people learned of not only the Gosnell tragedy, but also the broader tragedy of abortion on demand. It was, after all, the U.S. Supreme Court case Roe v. Wade which led to Gosnell plying his grisly trade.

At a time when the Congress and the White House are waging a legal assault against the most vulnerable through a radical pro-abortion agenda, filmmakers and other artists who are willing to speak the truth about the life issues are more important than ever.

Human beings crave the fruits of artistic expression. We marvel at a photo of a sunset captured by a gifted photographer. A particular song may remind us of an important event in our lives, such as the birth of a beloved child. A painting may bring to mind the awe-inspiring beauty of God’s creation.

Acclaimed author Fyodor Dostoevsky once wrote, “Beauty will save the world.” The artistic expression of beauty has life-saving, life-changing consequences. It is an antidote to the anti-life mentality that has swept through society.

 In promoting life-affirming works of art, we build a culture of life, one masterpiece at a time. 

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