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Planned Parenthood Officially GONE from Texas Medicaid Program

by | Mar 17, 2021

By Peter Pinedo, Texas Right to Life

Your voice has been heard. The State of Texas officially ended Medicaid funding to Planned Parenthood. This is an incredible victory for Texas! 

On March 10, a district judge rejected Planned Parenthood’s plea to stay in the state’s Medicaid program after the Fifth Circuit Court ruled that Texas could disqualify them.

The Texas Office of the Inspector General announced in 2015 they would terminate Planned Parenthood’s Medicaid contract when undercover videos revealed that Planned Parenthood violated federal law. Planned Parenthood admitted on camera that they altered abortion procedures in order to harvest the body parts of aborted babies. Employees callously discussed ripping out preborn babies’ organs in order to increase profits. Not only are these actions barbaric, but altering abortion procedures to do so breaches federal law. 

Immediately after their contract was terminated, Planned Parenthood sued to stay in the Medicaid program, and ultimately the Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit sided with Texas after the four-year legal battle.

Planned Parenthood was told they would be removed from Medicaid on February 3, 2021. But once again, Planned Parenthood sued in February of this year to stay in the program longer, further delaying the ruling from taking effect. 

Even so, your perseverance has been rewarded.

Texas Planned Parenthood officially has stopped receiving tax dollars through Medicaid. 

According to Planned Parenthood’s 2019 annual report, the abortion organization received $616.8 million in taxpayer dollars, primarily through Medicaid. Since 2011, Texas has made massive progress in defunding abortion businesses, including stripping $64 million from abortion providers in the state budget, prohibiting tax dollars from benefiting abortion businesses, and now stopping the subsidization of abortion in Texas through Medicaid. 

Planned Parenthood could be COMPLETELY defunded in Texas! Medicaid was Planned Parenthood’s last source of state taxpayer funding. However, Joe Biden has started the process to rescind a Pro-Life rule banning the abortion giant from receiving taxpayer dollars through the Title X program. Whether Planned Parenthood has already resumed receiving payouts from Title X is unknown.

Texas women who depend on Medicaid can find a health care provider in the Healthy Texas Women program, a network of health services that do not commit or promote abortions.

The abortion giant Planned Parenthood has long posed as necessary healthcare for low-income women. But Pro-Life Texans like you know that Planned Parenthood does not provide health care. Instead Planned Parenthood preys on low-income women to pressure them into abortions for the organization’s own profit.

Although the battle was lengthy and hard-fought, you stood strong and defended vulnerable Texans every step of the way. Texans are sending a clear message: The abortion business Planned Parenthood does not deserve our taxpayer money.

We congratulate YOU on this significant achievement. Planned Parenthood is no longer receiving Medicaid funding in Texas, and that is because of your action. 

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