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Poor receive substandard abortion care, says clinic worker

by | Mar 10, 2021

By Sarah Terzo

Abortion clinic worker Jenny Higgins says that wealthy women get better abortion care than poor women do. 

“… We almost never service wealthier women at the clinics where I worked. In the southeastern clinic, which was in an urban area, the majority of the clients were African-American….. [Wealthy women] are more likely to have access to higher quality, private abortion care, either due to their insurance plans or because they can afford to pay out-of-pocket for such services.”


“Even though I prided myself on providing attentive and empathic care to the patients with whom I worked, the clinic infrastructure and patient overload prohibited the kind of service that members of the middle and upper classes have come to expect – or the kind of care I had received at relatively posh student health centers or private gynecologist offices.”

Jenny Higgins, “Sex, Unintended Pregnancy, and Poverty: One Woman’s Evolution from ‘Choice’ to ‘Reproductive Justice.’” In “Abortion under Attack: Women on the Challenges Facing Choice” (Emeryville, CA: Seal Press, 2006) pp.37-38.

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