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Reason to Smile in Maryland in 2021!

by | Mar 18, 2021

By Maryland Right to Life (MDRTL)

This session has been a marathon! MDRTL has worked tirelessly to amend or oppose an onslaught of NARAL supported legislation that seeks to incrementally increase abortion or abortion funding, especially in our schools and via telehealth. 

Many of these bills will be moving to the floor, and we ask that you continue to send messages via the TAKE ACTION tab to your legislators. Keep those messages coming! And know that….


NO PAS — MDRTL has steadfastly been on guard for PAS (Physician Assisted Suicide) legislation. We are happy to tell you now that there will be no PAS legislation this session, as fierce opposition in recent prior years by the Coalition and MDRTL has resulted in no willing bill sponsors this year.

NO ABORTION AMENDMENT TO THE STATE CONSTITUTION — Last year MDRTL spearheaded an opposition to the (Privacy Act) Abortion Amendment so overwhelming in scope that the sponsor withdrew the bill. We received threats of “see you next year” from abortion proponents that very afternoon and have been at the ready. But there has, in fact, been no legislation to enshrine abortion in the Maryland state constitution this session.

PRO-LIFE LEGISLATION HEARINGS ARE SET — MDRTL has assembled strong expert witness panels and will be supporting important Pro-Life Legislation at hearings this Friday, March 19th. PLEASE send messages to legislators TODAY and TOMORROW in support of:

• HB1167 Nondiscrimination in Health Care Coverage Act

• HB1198 Abortion-Inducing Drug Protocol Act.

Let’s stand for Life Together! There is power in numbers and your voice matters!

HB1167 — Protects patients during medical crisis or scarcity from having life-sustaining care withheld or withdrawn at the discretion of healthcare providers or healthcare institutions based on the belief that a patient’s quality of life is not worth continuing or not worth the cost of care, despite the wishes of the patient or patient families.

HB1198 — Protects the health and welfare of every woman considering a drug-induced abortion. Chemical abortion pills are 4 times more dangerous than surgical abortion. This bill ensures that women receive comprehensive information on abortion -inducing drugs including the potential to reverse the effects of the drugs through the Abortion Reversal Pill.

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