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Wyoming House passes two pro-life bills, on to the Senate for further consideration

by | Mar 25, 2021

By Dave Andrusko

Pro-lifers in Wyoming continue fighting strong headwinds and have successfully passed two pro-life measures in the state House which now move on to the state Senate. 

The first would ban abortions performed because the baby “is expected to have a disability, or be born a certain gender or race,” according to Morgan Hughes reporting  for the Wyoming News Exchange. The bill was introduced by Rep. John Romero-Martinez (R-Cheyenne).

Laws preventing what Rep. Romero-Martinez described as “discrimination-motivated abortions” are being proposed in states throughout the nation.

The second would “would not allow state or federal funds to go towards student insurance plans at any public Wyoming university or community college that cover an abortion procedure,” according to Catherine Wheeler. “And it would not allow state funds given to the public colleges or university to go towards elective abortion procedures.” 

Both bills had passed the House Labor, Health and Social Services Committee by the same 7-2 margin, the two nays both being Democrats.

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