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Alert: SB105, Doctor Assisted Suicide is Dead. AB351 Heads To Nevada Assembly Ways and Means Committee Instead of Floor Vote.

by | Apr 21, 2021

By Nevada Right to Life SB205, one of the two bills in the Nevada Legislature that would legalize Doctor Assisted Suicide in Nevada, is dead by a rule that requires it to be voted out of committee by a certain day. It did not receive a hearing. 

Thank you to everyone who called, sent emails or left their opinion-oppose or favor-on the legislative website’s opinion and polling page. Along with some dedicated and sacrificial lobbying, we are making a huge difference. 

Please help continue that progress. 

The second bill is AB351. Last week it passed out of committee with no recommendation. This tells us there was not enough Democrat support for the bill. We asked you to send out emails and make calls opposing AB351. We said a floor vote was imminent. A vote did not take place. It was instead referred to the Assembly Ways and Means Committee.  

Please help by taking the following actions: 
1. Email and/or call members of the committee Note: we have all the emails for these legislators below in a batch that can be copied and pasted into one email. 

You can copy and paste the above addresses into one email.,,,,,,,, 

Subject line, 
No on AB351. No Doctor Assisted Suicide in Nevada. Tell them you oppose assisted suicide and ask them to do the same. 

2. Register your opposition to this deadly bill at the legislative poll site
a. Go to 
b. Under the heading “Select a Bill and Enter Your Opinion” go to “Select a Bill” and choose AB351.  
c. Leave a message “No on AB351” or some other message.
See background below for ideas. 

Or click here for a downloadable fact sheet on Seven Important Reasons to Oppose Assisted Suicide. 

3. Share this email with others or create your own and spread the word. See this article Seven Important Reasons To Oppose Assisted Suicide Please also see the Notable Quotations and a Printable and Sharable File On AB351 and SB 105 below.
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