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APR mom so grateful for her son– “He has brought so much love and joy … we couldn’t imagine life without him”

by | Apr 19, 2021

By Lisa Bourne

Jade thought she couldn’t possibly face having the baby she was carrying in her womb. Self-employed, providing financially for her family from her home-based business, another child would be too disruptive, she thought.

“As a mother of four, could I really do it all again?” she asked. “The pregnancy, delivery, the often all-consuming baby days.”

So, she frantically called around, contacting organizations that she thought could help her access the abortion pill. 

Nearing the 12th week of her pregnancy, she felt pressured to act fast. Finally arranging an appointment at a local hospital, she went in for a consultation. 

Jade was told at her abortion consultation that if she took the first abortion pill that would be it – There was no turning back.

“Immediately wanting to please the health professional sitting in front of me and escape the judgement of friends and family,” she recalled, “I quickly popped the pill the into my mouth and downed it with a cup of hospital water.” 

Jade agreed to come back the next day to complete “the termination,” and drove home. 

“After a few hours I felt discomfort and cramping,” she said. “Then the doubts started; Maybe I could do it all again.” 

“Not knowing if I could reverse that initial pill, I told my partner that I had changed my mind,” Jade explained, “and called my doctor’s office to see if there was anything I could do to reverse the effects of the first pill.”

“Again, I was told that it was too late and was made to feel that I was old enough to know better,” she said. “I took to Google and searched for “first abortion pill reversal,” not knowing what would come up.”

Jade is like many moms who feel pressured into abortion because of circumstance. And like many moms, she took the abortion pill and experienced regret – wanting to save her unborn child. 

The abortion pill, also known as chemical, medical or medication abortion, is a two-drug process. 

The first drug is mifepristone (or RU-486), which blocks the natural hormone in a mother’s body needed to sustain pregnancy, progesterone. Inhibiting progesterone is intended to end the unborn child’s life. The second drug, misoprostol, taken a day or so later, induces labor, with the intent of the mother delivering her deceased child.

Abortion pill reversal is a life-saving protocol involving the prescription of progesterone, a new application of an FDA-approved progesterone treatment used for decades to stop miscarriages, after a mom has taken the first abortion pill, to counter that first abortion drug in hopes of maintaining her pregnancy and saving her child.

Successful reversals have occurred as late as 72 hours after the first abortion pill was taken, but best results occur within 24 hours. If a mom acts fast enough, it may be possible to save her child.

The Abortion Pill Rescue® Network (APRN), consisting of some 1,000 rescue providers and centers worldwide who facilitate abortion pill reversal, is available 24/7 through Heartbeat International’s Option Line contact center and ready to help moms everywhere who take the abortion pill, experience regret and desire the chance to save their child.

Jade is among the many moms who have reached out to the APRN, initiated reversal of the abortion pill, and now has the blessing of her child alive and with her. Some 2,000 babies and counting are with their moms thanks to Abortion Pill Rescue®.

Jade shared her experience of going from feeling she had no choice to abort her child, to following through by starting a chemical abortion, having regret, to then discovering and reaching out to the APRN – where she was met with compassion and genuine, life-affirming assistance.

“And there it was –,” Jade said. “They were great, and I got the help that I couldn’t get anywhere else at the time.” 

 “I was prescribed by a doctor, medication to help calm the discomfort and contractions I was experiencing, and it worked!” she exclaimed. 

Jade then shared how she followed up with the APR protocol, she expressed gratitude for the care she received through the APRN, and the joy of meeting and having her son, whom she named Psalms.

“I booked my first scan and there he was,” she said. “I kept all my appointments going forward and gave birth to a gorgeous, healthy baby boy in November 2020.”

“He has brought so much love and joy to the household and we all couldn’t imagine life without him,” Jade stated. “I thank God that I found a sympathetic organization that gave fast and practical help with my decision to reverse my abortion.”

Editor’s note: Heartbeat International manages the Abortion Pill Rescue Network and Pregnancy Help News where this appeared. Reposted with permission.