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Prime Minister Boris Johnson and the transformative power of ultrasound images

by | Apr 13, 2021

By Maria V. Gallagher, Legislative Director, Pennsylvania Pro-Life Federation

Editor’s note. Today’s look back at what appeared a year ago in NRL News Today is about as heart-warming, and, therefore, timeless, as you can get. See if you agree. Ps. Their  baby was born April 29, 2020.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson
Photo credit: Ben Shread / Cabinet Office / Open Government Licence

When UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson was in intensive care battling Coronavirus, many concerns were voiced he would not survive. During his stay in St. Thomas Hospital in London, Carrie Symonds, the mother of his unborn child, sent him ultrasound images of their baby in utero. She wanted him to continue to fight for life, for the sake of the baby yet to be born.

The ultrasound can be a tremendous means of bonding—not only for mother and child, but for the baby and the baby’s father as well. Indeed, the baby scans Boris Johnson was able to view in ICU may just have been the incentive he needed to carry on in the bleakest of circumstances.

The power of an ultrasound image of a baby in the womb cannot be overstated. It depicts a distinct individual, with DNA separate from that of the mother. It can show the little one smiling, crying—even playing with tiny toes. The humanity of the child cannot be denied when the face and body appear for all the world to see.

What a tremendous gift the ultrasound is to our modern age. We no longer have to imagine the baby’s development—it is front and center, as visible as a favorite program on a streaming video service.

The ultrasound is a powerful statement that life goes on—in all its complexity and beauty. When the news broadcasts are filled with the ravages of death, the ultrasound reminds us that hope may just be around the next bend in the road.

Even in a time of pandemic, the ability of an ultrasound to transmit love is truly limitless. Boris Johnson’s baby has made an appearance via sonogram onto the world stage—and his father is all the better for it. 

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