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Pro-abortion Washington Gov. signs bill forcing student health insurance plans to cover abortion

by | Apr 28, 2021

By Dave Andrusko

The College Fix reported today that pro-abortion Gov. Jay Inslee has signed a bill that “requires all student health plans at public universities to cover abortion.”  

HB 1009, signed by Gov. Inslee on April 16,  “said student health insurance plans ‘may not limit a woman’s access to services related to the voluntary abortion of a pregnancy,” the article continues. “Insurance plans ‘that provide coverage for maternity care or services must also provide substantially equivalent coverage to permit the voluntary abortion of a pregnancy.’”

The Washington Catholic Conference vigorously opposed the bill.

While the bill exempts religious colleges and universities, “HB 1009 is problematic for students of faith who wish to uphold the sanctity of life while attending secular colleges in the  state,” the conference explained. “They will not have the opportunity to purchase health insurance without violating their consciences. Students will have to choose between going without insurance or being forced to purchase policies that subsidize and promote a procedure that violates their conscience.”

The conference added, “HB 1009 not only promotes the destruction of human life but also violates the fundamental right to conscience guaranteed by our state and national constitutions.”

For his part, when he signed the bill, Gov. Inslee (D) said “Reproductive health services should be available to all individuals,” adding “This is a great win for the access to reproductive rights.”

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