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Pro-choicer admits there are always two lives involved in abortion

by | Apr 13, 2021

By Sarah Terzo

Pro-choice author Craig C. Malborn writes

“… Abortion is a decision that always involves two lives. When clearly articulated, the need to consider two lives creates the core dilemma in abortion, i.e., placing in competition two lives linked by motherhood. No world religion or tradition can escape confronting the two life dilemma unavoidable in abortion…

“We must accept that the issue of abortion by necessity involves two lives, embryonic and maternal. These two lives coexist at vastly different developmental stages. Can these two lives be ‘valued’ as equal?”

Craig C. Malborn, Abortion in 21st-Century America: A Matter of Life/Lives and/or Death (North Charleston, South Carolina: Create Space Independent Publishing Platform, 2012) p.49, p.54.

His answer is no – the two lives are not equal. But he acknowledges that there are two lives involved, and that abortion destroys a life.

Editor’s note. This appeared at Clinic Quotes and is reposted with permission.

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