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Pro-life former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo brilliantly critiques Biden administration for paving the way for PPFA to receive tens of millions of dollars of family planning money

by | Apr 9, 2021

By Dave Andrusko

Mike Pompeo was one of many pro-life champions with whom  President Donald Trump filled his administration. As Secretary of State, he was a forceful and articulate champion of the right to life and religious freedoms, two causes the Biden-Harris administration has zero interest in protecting, let alone advancing.

Mr. Pompeo posted a brilliant critique of the new pro-abortion administration today under the headline “Biden’s Title X Rule Change To Fund Planned Parenthood Is a Disgrace to the Sanctity of Human Life.” Here are some sample insights.

He begins by talking about how “it  should come as no surprise that the Biden Administration is reversing the Trump Administration’s Title X policies. Our actions ensured that no American taxpayer dollars were put toward the practice of abortion. None. Not ever.”

He is, of course, absolutely correct, just as he is when he criticizes the Biden administration for  quickly reversing  the “Mexico City Policy” that the Trump administration strengthened and expanded with its “Protecting Life in Global Health Assistance program.”

But as the headline suggests, the bulk of his essay is about Planned Parenthood and, for example,  its utter unwillingness to adhere to the requirements to obtain funding for genuine Family Planning . Pompeo writes

The Trump Administration’s “Protect Life” regulation ensured that no federal funding, through the Title X Family Planning Program, was provided to organizations who claimed that abortion services were part of their “family planning” services. It kept intact funding for the good and commendable services that family planning organizations have provided for women since Title X was established in 1970 by President Nixon. Abortion did not fall under that umbrella of services in 1970, and it should not now, or ever.  In fact, the Title X statute itself unequivocally states, “None of the funds appropriated under this title shall be used in programs where abortion is a method of family planning.” Abortion violates the sanctity of human life and should never be classified as “family planning.” It is family destroying.

He  deftly deflates PPFA’s bogus assurances:

Planned Parenthood has claimed in the past, and will continue to claim, that its abortion services are paid for using private funds, rather than federal funds. But with an ally of abortion on demand at any time up to and the minute after delivery in President Biden and a pro-abortion, radical Left Congress, they no longer have to maintain this charade. It will have all the resources it needs to perform abortion-on-demand and your tax dollars will pay for them.

“But this fight is far from over,” he writes. And all pro-lifers agree 100%.

Pompeo concludes. 

From the Trump Administration to the Biden Administration, we have quickly moved from the most pro-life Administration in history to the least in spite of the fact that a clear majority of Americans do not want their tax dollars to fund abortions. This is why elections matter.  If you understand that the right to life matters, then we must elect representatives who will champion the sanctity of human life, not disgrace it. After all, life is one of our most important unalienable rights.

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