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Sex Selective Abortion Act to be debated by Canadian Parliament

by | Apr 14, 2021

By We Need a Law

Editor’s note. “The Sex Selective Abortion Act is scheduled to have its first hour of debate today. “This act would prohibit sex selective abortion, making a strong statement about Canada’s commitment to ending sex-based discrimination from the earliest stages,” according to We Need a Law, a Canadian pro-life organization.

“Sex selective abortion is the practice of ending a child’s life after discovering the sex of the baby. It disproportionately targets girls and has been an international problem for decades,” said Tabitha Ewert, Legal Counsel for We Need a Law. “It is unacceptable for even one girl to be targeted because of her sex. The Canadian Medical Association Journal has published articles showing that this does in fact happen in Canada, meaning we need Parliament to act.”

“It has been over a decade since Parliament had a reasoned debate about abortion restrictions, and MP Cathay Wagantall is to be commended for finding a place of common ground between pro-choice and pro-life Canadians,” she says. “Polls consistently show that this is one aspect of abortion we as Canadians can agree on: it is wrong to abort a girl simply because she is a girl. We need to give our medical professionals a tool to say no to performing these types of abortions.”

We Need a Law, a grassroots campaign that advocates for legal protections for pre-born children, has been advocating against sex selective abortion for several years. “We are honoured to stand alongside Ms. Wagantall as she works to protect pre-born girls from being targeted based on their sex,” said Ewert. “We are looking forward to seeing all Parliamentarians support this bill and put their commitment to equality of the sexes into action.”