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Still another Biden-Harris payoff to the Abortion Industry that will inevitably lead to more complications and more deaths

by | Apr 29, 2021

By Dave Andrusko

The deluge continues—a virtual tsunami of articles either (a) celebrating the success of pro-abortionists in a number of states in winning access to abortifacients online; (b) congratulating the FDA for erasing medically-necessary precautions that have been in place since FDA approval in 2000  to protect women who are taking mifepristone; and/or (c) lamenting that “Nineteen states require the clinician providing a medication abortion  [the pro-abortion description of chemically-induced abortions] to be physically present when the pill is given,” according to Chloe Nordquist.

Advocates falsely wrap dispensing mifepristone online in the ever-increasing use of telemedicine. But telemedicine,  in which physicians are not physically present with their patients, is life-affirming in every-sense, unlike abortion. Nordquist used Ohio as the springboard for her story. She even allowed critics a few words.

“Telemedicine is extremely helpful in a lot of ways, but dangerous drugs like the abortion pill are not one of those things that should be dispensed remotely,” said Allie Frazier with pro-life organization Ohio Right to Life.

“We believe that no woman should be put at risk to have to undergo the harrowing process of chemical abortion by herself, possibly hours away from the physician who prescribed her those drugs,” she said.

Carol Tobias, President of the National Right to Life Committee,  told Nordquist, 

“There are just a lot of problems that having that in-person visit with the doctor could prevent which certainly helps a woman.” 

Specifically, as Bonnie Finnerty, Education Director, for the Pennsylvania Pro-Life Federation, wrote this week

By tossing out these needed safeguards, the administration and the abortion industry are playing Russian roulette with women’s lives, handing them “a loaded gun” in the form of chemical abortion.

According to a statement released by the American Association of Pro-Life Obstetricians and Gynecologists (AAPLOG), which represents approximately 7,000 women’s healthcare practitioners, the abortion pill has led to at least 24 deaths and 3,000 injuries, with 500 more women at risk of dying had they not reached emergency medical care in time. Death due to abortion often goes unreported, so it is difficult to determine the true fatality rate of the drug.

But as angry as pro-abortionists are by laws protecting women undergoing “medication abortion,” they go ballistic when informed consent laws are proposed that would require that women know they may well be able to save their babies if they change their mind after taking Mifepristone but before ingesting the second drug, Misoprostol .

An over-the-top  op-ed written for the Indianapolis Star that ran yesterday was typical. Here’s just a sample:

It is a disgrace that even during a public health crisis, the Indiana General Assembly wasted valuable time to pass House Bill 1577, a clearly unconstitutional bill that peddles the dangerously misleading lie that medication abortion can be “reversed.”

HB 1577 never should have made it to your desk [Gov. Holcomb], and unless you veto this bill, you are allowing ideology to take precedence over medical science.

They trot out the reliably pro-abortion ACOG [the American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists] to trash Abortion Pill Reversal. Not a word about studies that show up to 68% of women who undergo APR save their babies. Of course, when pro-abortionists do reference these studies, they dismiss them as (you guessed it) “junk science.”

Coming full circle, as Dr. Christina Francis wrote, “When Mifepristone was first approved in 2000, it was only approved with safety regulations in place (known later as REMS) that would attempt to minimize the significant risk of hemorrhage, tissue not removed, and infection.” But, as we reported, on April 13 the Biden-Harris administration, in hock to the Abortion Establishment, announced the FDA would no longer enforce the in-person requirement.

Still another payoff to the Abortion Industry that will inevitably lead to more complications and more deaths.

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