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The 50th National Right to Life Convention in Virginia is ON!

by | Apr 13, 2021

By Jacki Ragan, Convention Director

I remember as a new activist in Arkansas, talking with my mentor, Father Joseph Neilson, a Carmelite Priest and telling him, I thought we should have a March for Life in Little Rock to mark the Roe v, Wade anniversary.  The year was 1975, and I will never forget his response. 

He said, “Well, first we must agree that we will March regardless of how many people come to March with us. If it is just you and I, we will proceed and March, and bring awareness to the tragedy of abortion on demand and Roe v Wade.”  

I recalled this conversation and the lesson I took away from it vividly in a recent discussion about NRLC’s annual convention.

Because of COVID, no one knows how many people will attend, or feel comfortable boarding a plane and flying into Dulles Airport in Herndon, Virginia.   

However, when I spoke with the hotel and meeting planners, they advised us to make up our mind now and proceed with NRLC’s two-day convention even if the turnout is not as large as we would want. 

All I could think about was that conversation some 45 years ago with Father Joseph.

With all that in mind, National Right to Life has decided to move forward with the National Right to Life Convention –NRLC 2021!  We want you there to help us celebrate NRLC’s 50th Convention

With the decision made, we are pulling out all the stops to make NRLC 2021 one for the books!  We have most of the speakers lined up, a fabulous group of exhibits for you to visit, childcare, and a separate Teens for Life program. 

We are hoping and praying that we will also have you.  

The convention will open on Thursday evening, June 24, 2021, at the Dulles Hilton Airport Hotel with a Dinner Theater, showing the One Act Play of “Viable.” If you have not yet seen the play, I hope you will gather friends and family and make a point of being there the evening before the convention formally begins.  I know it will go down as one of your favorite evenings ever.  

Friday morning, we will have a Prayer Breakfast featuring Reverend Dr. Gregory P. Seltz who is the first Executive Director of the Lutheran Center for Religious Liberty in Washington, D.C.  

Prior to assuming his new position, Rev. Seltz served as the featured speaker on Lutheran Hour Ministries’ flagship Christian outreach radio program, with over 1 million listeners, airing on more than 1,800 stations across North America as well as on the American Forces Network. We could not be more excited to welcome him as our Prayer Breakfast speaker! 

There will be workshops throughout the day and Friday evening, we will gather for another General Session featuring Patricia Sandoval, global speaker, author, and EWTN host. Her personal testimony of having an abortion and then being hired by the infamous Planned Parenthood is as powerful and as raw as it gets. 

Her terror at what see saw behind the scenes led her to drugs and homelessness.  But her story does not end there and is filled with hope!  

Saturday morning opens with Wesley J. Smith, J.D., who is among the best received speakers year in and year out. Wesley will bring us up to speed on the latest challenges to traditional medical ethics and what assisted suicide is doing not only to our beloved nation but around the world. 

All total, we are looking at 54 workshops, three General Sessions, a Dinner Theater presentation, a Prayer Breakfast, a closing Banquet, a full-on Teens for Life program, wonderful Exhibitors and most of all, the chance to meet and talk with other pro-lifers. 

Make your plans now to be there June 25-26.  To keep up to date on the addition of new speakers and to register, just visit  We will work our hardest to make sure it is everything you want and everything you think you need as a pro-lifer.  We will do our best to give you what you need to go back out there and do what you do – saving lives –for the coming year.  

Come and gather with us. Come and reunite and enjoy the convention.  As the late Dr. Jean Garton once said, “The National Right to Life Convention is the family reunion for the pro-life movement.” 

Come and join us! We need all of us together again. 

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