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The Call that Saved the Life of a Football Prodigy

by | Apr 21, 2021

By Bonnie Finnerty, Education Director, Pennsylvania Pro-Life Federation

You can’t win if you don’t play.

And you can’t play if you’ve never been born.

Micah Parsons plays his linebacker position for Penn State well. Extremely well. But a young man who will likely be among the top ten players chosen in next week’s NFL draft was almost denied the chance. Not because he lacks ability—Parsons is described asA multigenerational talent”–but because he was almost aborted.

As he reveals for the first time in an April 20, 2021 Penn Live article written by Brian Linder, Parson’s mom, Sherese, seriously considered an abortion.  “It’s actually a crazy story,” he said. “I don’t think I’ve ever told anyone this before. My mom already had two kids when she got pregnant with me. She just didn’t know if she could afford it.”

At one point, his mother told his father, I think I’m going to the clinic.’’

As Linder explains, no one knew about the pregnancy except her husband  so it was surprising when a church friend called to say hello and sensed something was wrong.  Eventually, the truth emerged and a conversation took place.

The woman who simply called to check in and say hello ended up saving Micah Parsons’ life.

“She talked my mom out of it,” Micah told Linder. “I think that is why (my mom) was always like, ‘God looks over you, son, and you should continue to keep doing good things in your life and give back to God.’ That was one of the first lessons she taught me.”

Believing divine intervention came through the hands and heart of another human being, Sherese calls Micah her “biggest blessing.”

The life-saving caller could not possibly have known that the child in her friend’s womb would one day become a celebrated athlete on the verge of a multimillion dollar professional sports career. 

But what he would or would not become didn’t matter. The caller recognized a precious, unrepeatable gift of life growing within her friend. A life worth saving, unconditionally.

In fact, no one can predict the path that any one life may take. No one can foresee the full potential inherent in a tiny human life.  No one can forecast the lasting impact that any one person may have.

And we shouldn’t try. History is replete with stories of  people overcoming incredibly difficult circumstances to make unique and impressive contributions to society, leaving a legacy that has eternal ramifications.

Micah’s life has already had an amazing impact. Not just on his family, his hometown, and on the game of football.  He has a son, a child who would not be here if Micah were not.  

Ending a life through abortion has a generational consequence.

Through compassionate support and encouragement that came through a phone call, Micah’s mom chose to give him life.

And he doesn’t take that lightly. Micah aims to maximize that gift. “It’s always seemed like I was brought into this world to do something bigger than just play football.”

By sharing his story, Micah Parsons already has.

His story may inspire couples to welcome a child even amidst obstacles, and may motivate more people to lovingly reach out to abortion-vulnerable women.

His story exemplifies could be when we give life a chance.

And his story shows the difference that one phone call, one conversation, one discerning person can make.

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