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The difference pro-life Republican governors are making

by | Apr 29, 2021

By Dave Andrusko

You would think, or at least I did, that the phrase “Elections have consequences” goes back forever. As one columnist put it, “For some time, I thought that it to be an axiom, passed down through the decades from seasoned politicos.” Not so.

In fact this “axiom” was coined by pro-abortion President Barack Obama in January 2009, the first month of his first term. Why do I mention it now?

Obviously, because the White House and Congress are controlled by Democrats, pro-abortion to a man/woman. But also because, as the headline to Mary Margaret Olohan’s story published today reads, “Republican governors across the U.S. are ramping up pro-life legislation.”

Pro-abortionists, such as the Guttmacher Institute, preach a woe-is-us sermon so often that we may forget that while they exaggerate the number of pro-life proposals, they needn’t. Hundreds of pro-life bills actually are introduced in the states. 

Of course, only a certain percentage pass, but as Olohan’s story makes clear (as do the dozens and dozens of stories in NRL News Today), pro-life Republican governors and legislatures  continue to propose laws so as to create  cracks and fissures in the pro-abortion foundation.

We understand the tremendous power of laws to shape, mold, and educate. What we too often underestimate is the potential of legislative debate to soften the ground for later success.

In other words, you may lose today, but you have tilled the soil making possible future success. Put another way, you gradually raise consciousness about an injustice. For example, it took years and years and years before the federal ban on partial-birth abortion was passed and signed into law by President George W. Bush and subsequently upheld by the Supreme Court.

This has been a good year for pro-life activists. This does not ignore the truth that deep blue states with huge pro-abortion legislative majorities can and do enact the kind of legislation that is so awful it takes your breath away. 

But these successes remind us that pro-life resolve is unlimited, its tenacity unparalleled, and its love for unborn child and mother unconditional.

Elections do have consequences, and In less than 19 months, we will prove that the results of the next congressional elections will be a blessing to the cause of life.

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