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The Miracle of Vermont’s Micro-Preemies

by | Apr 5, 2021

From the Desk of Mary Hahn Beerworth, Vermont Right to Life Executive Director

It was exciting to read the recent online account of the triplets who survived their premature delivery thanks to the care they received by a team of dozens of medical personnel at the University of Vermont Medical Center (UVM MC) in Burlington, Vermont.*

The babies were born at around 22 weeks, 6 days gestation. One of the babies weighed 1.47 pounds at delivery and the other two weighed 1.08 pounds.

The prognosis for the babies was precarious to say the least. But, according to the article, both parents told the medical team, “Do everything you can to save them.”

A UVM MC neonatologist commented that, “We’ve perfected our team approach to an optimal system of care starting with maternal-fetal medicine during the pregnancy and delivery, and continuing to the NICU where respiratory therapists, nurse practitioners and nurses all work together to provide round-the-clock care.”

One physician on the care team expressed it this way in the article: “It really is amazing, because you can learn about the number of premature infants that survive, but really experiencing it with the parents and seeing the joys in their faces, and the kids too, it’s just magnificent.”

One of triplets was born at the end of December 28, 2019 and the other two on January 2, 2020. After four months of care, all 3 babies went home “babbling, cooing, laughing, smiling and rolling over.”

Sadly, some unborn babies are aborted at the UVM MC are the very same age as these micro-preemies that were born and cared for.For some unborn babies at UVM MC there will be no team of care providers, no nurses and doctors working around the clock, no help with breathing, no human touch – only the abortionist’s tools and death.

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