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A chink in the pro-abortion armor?

by | May 4, 2021

By Dave Andrusko

In just one news story we have two of the most (unintentionally) encouraging signs of how well we are doing in many legislatures: “New law part of wave of state-passed abortion restrictions”; and “May be a harbinger of things to come.” 

Joyce Frieden is Washington Editor for MedPage Today. The headline to her story is “Arizona Governor Signs Bill Banning Abortions Due to Genetic Anomalies,” a reference to Senate Bill 1457 which, in fact, includes multiple pro-life components.

Friedman summarizes two of the primary features in the next paragraph. 

SB 1457

outlaws abortion for genetic anomalies such as Down syndrome, unless the genetic abnormality is considered lethal. …And it outlaws mailing or home delivery of abortion-inducing medications such as RU-486, although in-person visits to get the medication are still allowed in some cases.

Passage of SB 1457 was the “hook” for quoting the pro-abortion Guttmacher Institute which bemoans the massive number of pro-life bills proposed and/or enacted this session. (We wrote about this here.)

But the key—the aforementioned “harbinger”–are bills described as banning “discrimination-based” abortions, such as because the child has been prenatally diagnosed with a genetic anomaly, most often Down syndrome.

To the abortion-for-any-reason-or-no-reason crowd, this is the proverbial tip of the spear. Friedman quotes Elizabeth Nash, principal policy associate for state issues at the Guttmacher Institute, one of whose primary job assignments is to habitually warn the “end is near.”

Friedman writes

Laws such as Arizona’s are part of a “slippery slope,” she [Nash] added. “We see these bans based on genetic anomaly, race selection, and sex selection — what this does is pull into question any reason for any abortion.”

Get it? If the abortionist can no longer end an unborn child’s life because she is a girl rather than a boy; is genetically “imperfect;” or is of the “wrong” race, who knows what’s next? This attitude is, of course, blatantly at odds with the last fifty years of greater inclusivity, a more welcoming attitude to children with Down syndrome, and a move to promote greater gender equality but all these positively developments are lost on the slippery slope.

Could discrimination-based abortions be a chink in the pro-abortion armor? One suspects they think so…and they fear more such laws are coming. 

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