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Born-Alive bill on its way to pro-life Alabama Gov. Ivey

by | May 25, 2021

By Dave Andrusko

The Alabama Legislature has sent to pro-life Gov. Kay Ivey a bill that “says a doctor who attempts an abortion must provide the same level of care for a child who survives an abortion as a doctor would for any other child at birth,” according to reporter Mike Cason.

The Senate’s May 18th vote on the born-alive bill was unanimous: 31-0. The vote followed passage in the House in March by a vote of 76-12 .

Even pro-abortion state Sen. Linda Coleman-Madison, D-Birmingham, supported the bill. Cason wrote that she

distinguished it from bills to restrict abortion rights. …”You’re talking about a child that has been born and certainly that child should have every opportunity to live and be taken care of,” Coleman-Madison said.

State Rep. Ginny Shaver sponsored the bill. Shaver offered a similar bill two years ago which passed the House but not the state Senate. 

During the House debate, Cason reported,

“Shaver argued the law was needed to protect babies while opponents of the bill said the legislation was unneeded because what Shaver was describing is already illegal.”

But Shaver  was undeterred, “This is not about abortion. This is about a baby’s right to life,” she  said. 

National Right to Life’s Department of State Legislation reports that 36 states have enacted laws to protect babies born alive during an abortion.

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