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Clinic Worker: Pro-choice Activists Don’t Know the Reality of Abortion

by | May 11, 2021

By Sarah Terzo

A spokesperson for an abortion clinic met with pro-choice leaders to discuss a legislative plan to defend legal abortion. The group was discussing a plan to defend abortion throughout all nine months of pregnancy, up until birth:

“These people are political activists, Fran thought. Their work was critical to protecting abortion rights, but how many of them knew the reality of abortion, had seen the reality of what it destroyed? Fran felt like standing up and saying to those arguing for unrestricted abortions,

“You haven’t seen the little feet. They look just like the little feet pushpins that the antis wear.” As a provider at Repro once said, if half the pro-choice people saw the fetal remains of a 2nd trimester abortion, they would jump the fence into the antis’ arms.”

Sue Hertz, “Caught in the Crossfire: A Year on Abortion’s Front Line” (New York: Prentice Hill Press, 1991) p. 122

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