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Just a few of many reasons you really want to attend the 50th annual National Right to Life Convention!

by | May 12, 2021

By Jacki Ragan, Convention Director

2021 is an incredibly special year for the National Right to Life Convention.  It will be our 50th convention (which was supposed to be celebrated last year but you know what happened to that).  So, we are extra excited to bring you the 50th convention in 2021.

The convention will be housed at the Hilton Washington Dulles hotel in Herndon, VA and will officially begin on Friday, June 25.  However, if you can make it, we encourage you to attend a special opening of the convention set for Thursday evening, June 24.

National Right to Life Conventions, Inc will host a showing of the play, “Viable” along with a dinner beginning at 6:30 pm.  Tickets are available for $35 each, and you do not have to be registered for the convention to take advantage of this spectacular event.  

The play has received stunningly positive reviews from day one.  To cite just a couple…

“’Viable’ is a beautifully writtenplay that emphasizes the life-altering, negative impacts – psychological, familial, and spiritual – that commonly follow abortion for those who may be considering abortion, while simultaneously offering a message of understanding, redemption, and hope available through Jesus Christ to those already affected by abortion. I highly recommend ‘Viable.’”

“’Viable’ is raw and real.”

A 12-year-old audience member may have said it best: “This is not what they are teaching us in school.”

We hope you will take advantage of this unique opportunity and join us for this amazing event.  

The convention officially opens on Friday morning, June 25 with a 7:30 am Prayer Breakfast. We are honored to have the Reverend Dr. Gregory P. Seltz, Executive Director of the Lutheran Center for Religious Liberty in Washington, D.C. as our featured speaker.  

It has been said of Rev. Seltz that “His experience as a pastor, …a professor …and as ‘Lutheran Hour’ speaker has given him extensive exposure to the cultural and social realities that shape American culture.” 

Tickets are $35 each, and the Prayer Breakfast is always a favorite event of any NRLC convention.  

On Friday evening, we are thrilled to feature Patricia Sandoval as our guest.  She is an author, global speaker, and an EWTN show host.  She has an amazing story of hope for this generation. Her testimony is as powerful and as raw as it gets, with her personal history of abortion and then being hired by Planned Parenthood.  Her terror at what happens behind the scenes led her to drugs and homelessness.  

But her story does not end there!  The title of her session is, “Relentless.”  

Saturday morning, June 26, begins at 9 am with one of our favorite speakers, Wesley J. Smith, J.D., author, and one of the very few pro-life bioethicists. He has written numerous books, published hundreds of articles and opinion columns nationally and internationally on issues such as the importance of being human (human exceptionalism), assisted suicide, bioethics, the [im]morality of human cloning, legal ethics, medical ethics, and public affairs. 

The title of his session is “There’s No Such Thing as ‘Just a Little’ Euthanasia.” You will not want to miss this, and we will all learn much from it.

All in all we have the Dinner Theater featuring “Viable,” the Prayer Breakfast, four General Sessions, a closing Saturday night Banquet, and 54 workshops on all the topics of interest to pro-lifers. In addition there is the National Right to Life Teens convention, Pro-Life Exhibits, and Childcare so your children have a great time while you are equipping yourself to go spread the word and the knowledge you have learned in your own city and state.  

And there will be still more.  Stay tuned. To keep on top of what to expect, visit  for the latest information!  

I really hope to see you there. 

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