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Mother Chooses Life for Son with Disability, Now She Says “He is the Most Joyful Little Boy I’ve ever Known.”

by | May 3, 2021

By Peter Pinedo, Texas Right to Life

Although advised by their doctor that most parents in their situation would abort, Alison and her husband chose Life, and they are extremely glad they did. 

At her 18-week anatomy scan, Alison was informed that her preborn son, Justice, was diagnosed with severe Hydrocephalus. This is a rare but serious condition in which fluid builds up in cavities within the brain. 

“Our doctor told us that most people in our situation would terminate the pregnancy,” says Alison. “The unknowns were very scary, and seeing my son’s brain ventricles grow and the cerebral spinal fluid increase during each ultrasound was difficult.”

Alison admits that after the discovery of Justice’s brain abnormality she experienced a wide range of emotions including fear and a sense of loneliness. But Alison adds that “I was also excited to meet my son and to get him the help he needed.” 

Though they were scared, Alison and her husband knew that they could not kill their precious child, despite pressure from their doctor. 

“Choosing life for our son was not difficult,” Alison says. She explains that “there was a chance he would be severely (mentally challenged). (But) my husband and I believe that we are all created equally and with a purpose.

As indicated by Alison’s doctor, unlike Justice, most children prenatally diagnosed with severe Hydrocephalus are not allowed to be born. Horrifically, the vast majority of these vulnerable children are aborted. 

Currently in Texas, abortion is illegal after 20 weeks with one deadly loophole. Late abortions can be committed on pain-capable, third trimester children all the way until birth, if the child is diagnosed with a life-limiting abnormality or disability. 

This discriminatory policy allows for the killing of preborn children based on medical diagnosis. 

According to Healthline, in the United States 67 percent of children prenatally diagnosed with Down Syndrome are aborted. 

Instead of offering parents support and care, such as perinatal palliative care, the norm is to simply “terminate the pregnancy.” 

The Preborn NonDiscrimination Act (PreNDA) (SB 1173/HB 3218), a bill which would prohibit abortions committed for discriminatory reasons such as the race, gender, or disability of the child, is one of Texas Right to Life’s top Pro-Life Priorities for 2021

PreNDA has been passed by the Texas Senate and the Texas House Public Health Committee. Now the bill must be scheduled for a vote on the House floor by the Texas House Committee on Calendars. If PreNDA is passed by the Texas House, the bill can be signed by the governor and take effect. 

Had Alison and her husband not been firmly rooted in their belief in the dignity and value of all Life, Justice would most likely never have been given the chance to live. 

Now, five years later, Alison says, “our lives have definitely changed for the better!” She explains that, “Justice is the happiest, most joyful little boy I’ve ever known. He has made us realize that just because someone may look or act a little differently, that’s not a bad thing. It’s just who they are.”

One day after his birth, Justice underwent a brain surgery in which a shunt was placed to drain the excess fluid collecting in his brain. 

According to his proud mother, “since the day he was born, Justice has thrived.” Now that he is four years old, Alison says that, “cognitively, he has tested average and above average. Justice has learned to walk and talk, his vision has drastically improved, and he gets stronger each and every day.” 

When asked what she would say to other women and families undergoing similar situations, Alison responded that, “doctors don’t always know the outcome of a baby who is diagnosed with an abnormality in utero,” adding, “Your baby is not defective. He or she is perfect and was created for a specific purpose. You will love that baby more than you’ll ever know.”

On behalf of her son, and the many other beautiful children like him, Alison encourages the State of Texas to pass the Preborn NonDiscrimination Act, so that children may no longer be the victims of lethal discrimination based on medical diagnosis. 

Texas Right to Life is extremely grateful to Alison, Justice, and their entire family for their courage and beautiful witness to Life. Please join us in urging the Texas House of Representatives to quickly pass PreNDA and the other Pro-Life Priorities, so that Life may be cherished and protected in Texas.