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On Mother’s Day, may all mothers be abundantly rewarded for their sacrifices

by | May 5, 2021

By Maria V. Gallagher, Legislative Director, Pennsylvania Pro-Life Federation

The thing I remember most is the smile which captured my heart and consoled my soul during the darkest of times.

The hypnotic smile belonged to my mother, who through her grace and humor introduced me to the world—and the love that was inside it.

She had struggled mightily in her life. Her childhood was shattered by the breakdown of her family. The wound was deep, but her strength was far greater.

She survived financial misfortune and all the difficulties that accompanied it. She was above all a survivor, who showered upon her two daughters the love she had been deprived of when she was just a girl.

Although she has passed from this earthly life, I choose to celebrate her on Mother’s Day. For I know that I would have never accomplished anything in life if it had not been for her steady guiding hand.

I gaze at her photo and I am instantly transported to a different time—a time filled with birthday celebrations and graduations and all manner of good things. She celebrated each occasion with verve and vitality and brought a sense of fun into our family’s daily adventures.

And so on this Mother’s Day, I salute her and all the mothers who have bravely faced the daily grind with a spirit of joy and a hint of laughter. The world is far better for your presence within it. May you be abundantly rewarded for your sacrifices, blessed by your progeny, and heralded for the happiness you bring to others’ lives. 

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