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Truth will always wins out in the end, and so does life

by | May 28, 2021

By Maria V. Gallagher, Legislative Director, Pennsylvania Pro-Life Federation

With the approach of the unofficial start of summer, my mind turns to days spent in the dappled sunshine, playing rounds of “Hide and Go Seek.” I recall first playing it with my younger sister, then with classmates, then years later with my own daughter. It was a pastime filled with excitement and expectation, and the knowledge that, eventually, the seekers would find their lost family and friends.

This childhood game came to mind the other day as I was pondering the cause of life. 

It seems to me that the only way the pro-abortion side can advance is by hiding the humanity of the preborn child. Whether it’s failing to show women ultrasounds of their preborn babies, or hiding behind words such as “choice,” “health care,” or “reproductive justice,” the pro-abortion cause obscures truth.

It is often up to the pro-life movement to seek out those who are in the shadows, in danger of making a tragic decision which could end the lives of their innocent children. Pro-life advocates spotlight the truth about the development of the preborn child in the womb. They share information and resources about the help—both material and emotional—that is available to pregnant women in challenging circumstances.

Advocates of life also seek out those wounded by abortion, offering comfort and care. They provide hope in the darkness of despair, helping women to grieve the loss of their preborn children and recommit themselves to protecting life.

Truth will always win out in the end, and so does life. No matter how much big tech or big media or the abortion industry tries to cover it up, the truth about abortion is that it ends a miraculous, irreplaceable life.

It is devastating to contemplate the more than 62 million Americans who never had the chance to play a game of Hide and Go Seek because their lives were lost to abortion. 

They never felt the comforting warmth of sun rays on their faces.

They never felt the compassionate touch of their mothers’ hands on their foreheads.

Advocates of life are also advocates of hope, and we rejoice in those lives that have been saved from the scourge of abortion—including, in some cases, our very own. 

With each life saved, the future looks a little brighter and a little safer for children in the womb.           

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