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We are the Movement of Light and Truth

by | May 12, 2021

By Carol Tobias, President

Editor’s note. This appears on page three of the May digital edition of National Right to Life News which arrived in your inboxes this morning. Please take time to read the entire issue and share the link with your pro-life family and friends. Thank you.

A couple of years ago, I had a discussion with the director of a pregnancy resource center who told me about a client who had come to her for help.  The woman had undergone an abortion previously and was looking for help with her current pregnancy.

The director suggested an ultrasound and the woman agreed.  Unexpectedly, the client let out a spine-chilling wail as the image of her unborn child appeared on screen.  The woman became almost hysterical, explaining that her first child, the one she’d aborted, had been older than the child she was carrying now.  She cried, “They told me there was no body, that it was just a blob of cells! They lied to me!”

I’ve often thought of that woman and prayed she received the help she needed to overcome her anguish.  

As pro-lifers, we know her circumstance isn’t unique.  If it isn’t by out and out lies, the pro-death movement accomplishes its deadly objectives by deception and by withholding information. 

By contrast, pro-lifers believe passionately that women must be told the truth.  They should be given valuable information before they make that life or death decision.  That takes a number of forms.

Many states have enacted laws to require informed consent provisions prior to an abortion.  For example, the abortion-minded woman must be given information about pregnancy, scientifically-accurate information about the development of her unborn child, and available alternatives to abortion.  

States have also enacted laws to require that a woman seeking a chemical (or “medication”) abortion be told about abortion pill reversal–APR.  The chemical abortion is a two-step process.  If a woman changes her mind after taking the first drug, but before taking the second, she may be able to reverse the process by taking progesterone and save her baby’s life.

But that’s just the beginning of the threat that providing genuine information to women poses to the Abortion Industry. There is scientific evidence that unborn children by, at least, 20 weeks gestation, feel pain.  Imagine how a woman would react to that if it were widely known?

There are numerous studies showing a link between abortion and an increased risk of breast cancer. Shouldn’t a woman know that?!

But, of course, the abortion industry fights these laws with fervor.  The industry, and its allies in the media, attack these facts as “junk science.”  (We are told that their studies, by contrast, are the model of scientific integrity.) They don’t want anything to interfere with a woman’s “right” to kill her unborn child and they don’t want her exposed to information that might change her mind.

(We see similar examples of disinformation/misinformation in the pro-death, pro-euthanasia, pro-assisted suicide movement.  They will include language in legislation to provide so-called “safeguards” in order to get the bill passed. But time after time, efforts begin almost immediately to remove the “safeguards” and to expand the list of eligible patients.)

Unfortunately, there will always be some women who do know what they are doing when they abort but, for whatever reason, go through with it anyway.  But if our educational efforts can reach women with the facts about pregnancy and child development, we can both save babies and prevent the psychological and emotional anguish that torments many aborted women.

What does that education include? It begins at the beginning. Pro-lifers understand science and human biology.  We know that a new, unique, irreplaceable human being begins the moment the egg and sperm unite.  And we respect that life, no matter how tiny or how frail.

Like you, I believe in the power of education–that more people will support our efforts to protect innocent human life if they also understand that each and every human life begins at conception. 

(See Paul Stark’s very informative essay on this that appears on page nine.)

We are faced with an abortion industry, and its powerful allies, which outrageously supports abortion no matter how old the unborn child is. 

Their logic seems to be if the intent of the abortion is to end the life of a child, that end should happen even if the child survives the abortion and is born alive.  That’s why Democrats in Congress refuse even to allow a vote on legislation to provide care for abortion survivors.

We not only need to teach about when life begins– even some pro-abortionists concede that. We need to teach, and share our conviction, that each human life is precious and must be protected.

We are the movement of love, the movement of hope. We are also the movement of light and truth.

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