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Abortion recovery group raising funds to buy ex-abortion clinic

by | Jun 21, 2021

By SPUC—the Society for the Protection of Unborn Children

An abortion recovery group wants to raise funds to buy a closed-down abortion clinic in South Bend, Indianato turn it into “a place of healing for women who have been hurt by abortion”.

The “She Found His Grace” abortion recovery ministry sees the power of locating its group in the old workplace of notorious abortionist Dr. Ulrich “George” Klopfer.

After his death in 2019, Dr. Klopfer’s family notified police after finding the remains of 2,246 unborn babies hidden on his property. No charges could be brought, as Klopfer was dead, and no other persons were suspected.

Caroline Wood, a volunteer with the “She Found His Grace” ministry, said: “‘She Found His Grace’ offers post-abortive women an in-depth recovery programme that includes Bible studies and Christian counselling.

“The ministry helps women transform their pain into purpose and find their healed voices.”

Serena Dyksen – the founder of the ministry, who once had an abortion at the same facility – believes that it is appropriate for their mission to be based in the former clinic by replacing the space’s harmful, negative memories with healthy, positive ones.

“Once a place of sorrow”

The project says: “This place was once a place of death, we want to sow life. It was once a place of sorrow, but we will sow joy. Where there was wounding, we will sow healing. Where there was deception, we sow truth.”

In addition to the weekly abortion recovery classes that are planned, the group will also create a remembrance wall in memory of the lives that were lost at the site.

Wood added: “Since ‘She Found His Grace’ reaches people locally, nationally and internationally, the remembrance wall would do the same, with plaques forever commemorating and dignifying participants’ children, both domestic and abroad, who were lost to abortion.”

Coming to terms with abortion

Michael Robinson, SPUC Director of Communications, said

“The callous actions of abortionist Dr. Klopfer were profoundly wrong and offensive, but not surprising in an industry that has a fundamental contempt for human life.

“We have previously reported on the closure of a number of abortion clinics in the past.

“There could not be a more valuable or more appropriate use for the empty shell of a former abortion facility than as a centre providing care and support for women.”

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