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CBS Frets Over China’s Baby Shortage, HIDES Decades of VILE Forced Abortions

by | Jun 2, 2021

By Scott Whitlock

China is facing a baby shortage after decades of a one child policy that resulted in millions of forced abortions and infanticide against girls. Yet CBS This Morning on Tuesday somehow never mentioned the brutal abortion practice that, according to NPR, resulted in “about 100 million missing women across Asia.” Instead reporter Ramy Inocencio simply insisted that the policy seemed “sound” at the time. 

After noting that the country “needs more babies,” reporter Inocencio fretted, “China is getting older faster and Beijing expects deaths will outnumber births  Fewer people mean less consumption which means slower economic growth. That’s a threat to stability for the Communist Party.” 

Instead of focusing on the devastating impact of abortion, Inocencio worried about lack of child care if Chinese women are going to have more babies: “A recent study out of China shows money is the biggest worry with child care concerns second. In 1980, Beijing embarked on its controversial one-child policy to control it’s then skyrocketing population.” 

The journalist spun, “Considered sound at the time, most Chinese appeared to have gotten used to it.” Considered sound? As NPR explained in 2016, “The Nobel economist Amartya Sen estimated there were about 100 million missing women, women that were never born or killed or aborted across Asia.” 

Promoting a documentary on the One Child Policy, Fox News in 2019 reported

“Every woman has almost gone through a forced abortion or forced sterilization,” [One Child Nation co-director] Nanfu Wang, co-director and producer of the documentary, told PBS. “Sometimes the babies…they were born alive, and because of the policy and her job, she had to kill them after they were born alive, and she is really traumatized because of that.”

Wang spoke to the midwife who delivered her, who admitted doing 50 to 60,000 abortions over her time to enact a policy that the government claims prevented 400 million births.

Editor’s note: This appeared at Newsbusters and reposted with permission.

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