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Founder of Project Rachel describes friend’s pain after abortion

by | Jun 28, 2021

By Sarah Terzo

Vicki Thorne, the founder of Project Rachel, describes what made her aware of post-abortion trauma:

Almost 40 years ago I first encountered the wounds that abortion leaves on the souls of women.

A friend of mine had placed her first baby for adoption. My friend later endured sexual abuse by a family member, which led to her second pregnancy. Her mother arranged for a safe but illegal abortion. Little did her mother know that she had bought her daughter a one-way ticket to hell.

Later in life, she struggled with suicide attempts, an abusive marriage, chemical dependency, and became abusive to her other children.

She always said, “I can live with the adoption. I can’t live with the abortion.”

My search for answers to her pain led me to obtain a degree in psychology to become certified as a prenatal loss facilitator and a grief counselor and to obtain certification in trauma counseling and spiritual direction.

My friend’s pain was a life-changing event for me, which eventually led me in 1984 to develop Project Rachel, the post-abortion healing ministry of the Catholic Church.…

Project Rachel is a network of caregivers, including priests, mental health professionals, and others, who provide one-on-one care to those struggling after having an abortion.

In Yvonne Florczak–Seeman, A Time to Speak: A Healing Journal for Post-Abortive Women (Clarendon Hills, Illinois: Love from above, Inc., 2015) viii.

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